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Uh Oh I'm In Heat! Lol

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I seriously cracked my mom up this morning. I started my period yesterday and had an awful day in general. So I called her up but she didnt answer so I left a message it was late so I figured she'd call me this morning.

In my message I thought "I said I started my period today. Had a really bad day and just needed to vent. Call me back when you get this message. Love ya.

Simple to the point or so I thought.

Got a call this morning from my mom. She sounded really funny like she was trying not to laugh.

This is how the conversation went.

Mary hon you do know what being in heat means.

Umm Yeah mom I think I know what it means since Ive had animals my whole life!

Ok So I guess I better call Joe and have him gaurd your apartment door.

Have you lost your mind! What are you talking about? None of my animals are in heat they are all fixed!

All I hear at this point is major laughing on the other end. Im still very confused.

Then she says

Honey Im sure you meant to say you started your period but in reality you said you were in heat and had had a really bad day and needed to vent!

So I think I spend way to much time around my cats.
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OMG! That is about the funnies thing I've heard in awhile!!
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OH now,, that made me laugh out loud!!!
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Oh what a cute story! That made us smile...oh funny!
Thanks for sharing that! said your in heat, love it!
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It's great your mom has such a funny sense of humor That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh hon- i needed it today
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I wonder how long she had to wait before she could call you without laughing hysterically. I think you're really involved in your animals.
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ROFL, that is priceless! X) Thanks for sharing the story!
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That's a riot! I laughed out loud too!
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Good Grief! You are a medical miracle!
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yep i laughed out loud too!
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Oh gosh, you just gave me the laugh of the week!
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thanks for the laugh I needed one.
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LOL Does this mean we need to get you spade? We don't want any BYB going on!
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