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bedtime ritual?

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Abi has hers fine tuned. she waits near the bottom of the stairs while we watch TV. she knows we are going up for the night because all lights are off and we are carrying ice water... she tears up the stairs, races for the bedroom door, jumps onto the bed and says a soft mew. That is our cue to go get some kibble from the linen closet and hide bits all through the bedroom suite. She cheats by following us as we hide the bits, but we manage a few new places each night.

when we climb into bed to read she climbs all over us to make sure we are snuggled in well and then takes her position at the foot of the bed facing the door to be watch cat for the night.

Tell us your rituals for bedtime!!
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Trouts is as follows:

She goes into the bedroom about an hour before I do (around 9pm) and lays there waiting for me.

Once I actually get in there, she jumps off the bed and goes and plays..then around midnight, she cuddles in on top of me somewhere.

She wakes up around 4am, and play around the room or out in the rest of the apartment.

When my coffee maker turns on at 7:05am, she has a heyday walking all over me and meowing to wake me up..

Its quite adorable
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

When my coffee maker turns on at 7:05am, she has a heyday walking all over me and meowing to wake me up..
You have a coffee maker that turns itself on? how delicious and a great way to wake up. lucky. I just wake to the toilet flushing.
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I don't do my bedtime ritual right before bed so when I am actually ready to go to bed I just get up and go a fall into my bed.

However, Chynna usually sleeps on my computer desk in the evening and I'm afraid she will hurt herself trying to get down on her own so I pick her up and carry her into the bedroom with me and put her on the bed. She makes her way to the pillow next to mine and settles down all cozy. Once I'm in bed I have to turn towards her so my face is close to hers and she proceeds to give me nose kisses while I give her ear and chin rubs.

After that I lay on my back and read while she snoozes next to my head. At this time Abby usually finds her way onto the bed and lays along my left side.

When I wake up in the night Chynna is still on the pillow and Abby is either still in the same spot or at the foot of the bed. If I have to get up to the bathroom in the night, Abby comes with me. Chynna stays on the pillow but looks alert with her neck stretched up to see if I am coming back or if I'm getting up. If I don't get back to bed in a couple minutes Chynna comes out, otherwise she stays on the pillow and we go through the whole nose kisses and chin and ear rub routine again!
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Our nightly ritual varies a little each night, depending on if Colin has to work late or not, so sometimes i go to bed pretty early since i have to be at work by 7am. (early for me, i'm NOT a morning person.) Usually around 10 or so (sometimes it's 12am just depends!) I will go hop in the shower, put on my night clothes, then brush my teeth and get ready for bed. After that i'll wonder into the living room and watch the news for a little bit and get on TCS sometimes before bed. When I get tired, I let the dogs out one more time for the night, when they come back inside, both dogs and then all 4 cats line up for their night time treats (they're spoiled!)/ At that point, if i have any foster kittens with me, that are on the bottle- they get another feeding for the night and then again as needed.) After everyone's had their treats and the foster animals have been fed one last time, my furbabies follow me back into the bedroom. Whiskey will hop up on the bed with me and then stare at me for a few minutes and lick me right upside my nose Then he likes hops of the bed and tries squeeze himself under the bed where we can't see him (he thinks he's hiding)and leaves his little tail hanging out lol. After he does that, Fosters hops up on the bed with me and so does Jasmine and Kojak. Fosters likes to snuggle for a few minutes and then he's off to sleep -same with Jasmine, only she wants to be as close to me as she can get. (she sleeps on my left side close to the edge of the bed every night and has to have her paw touching me) Kojak will sometimes sleep at the foot of the bed and sometimes between me and Colin.

Sometime during the night Velvet will hop up on the bed and snuggle with Colin. By the time morning rolls around- Velvet and Kojak like to run from one window then across the bed to the other one knocking everything over and waking us up Jasmine wakes me up by purring like a little motor boat and kissing me Isabella doesn't sleep with us at night (she prefers her own kitty bed) but she will wait and greet me in the hallway when i wake up in the morning by demanding i feed her and throwing herself in the floor screaming at the top of her lungs to let me know she's starving
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My bedtime ritual goes as follows:

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Well, usually I read a chapter or two before going to bed. During this time Sebastian gets on the bed and sniffs around me, but he won't let me pet him or else he'll go off to the nightstand. A few minutes later Amadeus gets on the bed and Sebastian jumps on the dresser for a while. Amadeus parks himself next to my pillow, and when I turn out the light, Sebastian joins a few minutes later and keeps my feet warm. Also adorable!!!
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As soon as the t.v. goes off, Rosie jumps down from my lap, Jack follows her and Sophie starts to rise. As i walk up the stairs, Rosie races past me and into the bedroom while Sophie and Jack follow.

Sometimes one of them goes into their room to use the litterbox, then i get the treat box a shake and Rosie and Jack jump on the bed for them while i brush my teeth.

By this time all 3 of them are in the room. I get in to bed, the light goes out and the 3 of them jump on the bed and curl up to go to sleep

If it's the weekend and i'm up much later than through the week, they normally make their own way up to bed. It's as if they know what time it is?
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My bedtime ritual goes as follows:


(In reference to Dixie Darlin!)
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
It's as if they know what time it is?
Oh they know what time it is!

It especially cracks me up after daylight savings time - Smidge goes to bed an "hour early"
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Clyde and Pearl always curl up and sleep nearby while I'm on the computer late into the night. When I shut down the computer, they both look up at me and begin to stretch and prepare for the trek down the hall.

When I come out of the bathroom, Pearl is outside the door, half-asleep on her feet. She follows me into my room and waits while I put in my glaucoma eyedrops, lie back, and get comfy. Once I'm settled, she hops onto my legs and walks up to my chest, where she kneads awhile... and then she hunkers down cozy and tilts her pretty face sideways to ask for her nightly scritches. So I pet her fluffy little head until her purring causes me to drift off to sleep... and then she lays a paw on my cheek to tell me to get back to work!

At some point, Clyde strolls in, hops up on the bed, and pads around in search of his nest for the night. Eventually, he places his front paws firmly on my leg and bears down hard, as if to say, "Okay, is this it? Are you settled for awhile now?" If I hold properly still, he deigns to settle down comfortably around my leg, where he drops right off to sleep.

And I lie there smiling in the dark and thinking how lucky I am.
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We don't have a routine....they just follow me whenever I go to bed. However, Summer will sleep out by Scott on the couch if her dozes off til he comes to bed. Summer insists on waking ME up if I'm not up at 6 AM. They are not fed in the mornings, so its purely for attention. She walks around meowing and purring, and usually licking. She's quite persistent!
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After the lights go out Sassy heads for the bed and is waiting for me when I get there. He generally likes to snuggle for a bit before he goes to sleep. Linus usually starts the night in the laundry hamper then moves into bed around midnight. Sassy will sleep with me most of the night, but Linus comes and goes and usually starts running around the house playing about 6.
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Snickers, Oreo and Tosh all will come to where ever we are in the house and sit and stare at us as if to say, "We are ready for bed, you need to go to bed with us". Usually I will go up at that time which all will run up before me. Oreo and Snickers do their kneading on the bed and get snuggled up. Tosh prefers our closet. If it is a night that I end up staying up too late for them , they will usually give up after an hour or so and go up by themselves.
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Since my bedtime ritual doesn't involve the kitties once I hit the bedroom, mine isn't so cute!

But most nights I fall asleep on the couch or at least stay up late. Well Noodles usually sleeps untill I decide to go to my actual bedroom. Then she gets up and either lays near the bathroom door so she can trip me by grabbing my leg with her front paws. Or she will jump on top of the washer, which is right in front of the bathroom door, and be all cute and make me pet her. And when I stop she swats at me! She makes me feel so guilty for going to bed sometimes!
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hmm, well , sometimes they go sometimes not. Most of the time Eazy goes with me so we can play chase the humans hands under the blanket for a little. Heyu used to go to bed when i did, but since eazy moved in she no longer goes right away. i also leave the open just a hair so they can come and go as they want. but normally if iwake up one or both will be in bed with me.

minus the few times, they use me as a pillow, they are really very good about not waking me up, casue they know, if they do i will shut the door and not let them in.
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anyone who doesn't understand why we love cats should read this thread and they will get it INSTANTLY. But I guess cat lovers wouldn;t be here in the first place.
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