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Our update

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Our babies are all growing up! It's so hard to believe that they're so big already, where have my tiny babies gone?? I hadn't taken pictures for awhile but finally took them outside and got a few yesterday.

Captain Squishy and Garfield will be 5 months old on Friday. They're bratty as ever.



Lieutenant Bear is the only one of the group that doesn't still have a sibling here. She will be 5 months old on 10-9. She is my sweetheart, she loves to cuddle and has the best personality.

Sofia & Roxy are right around the same age as Lt. Bear but I'm not sure on their exact date of birth.



And the other brothers, Woody Jr and Taco. They're 3 months old. We're still looking for Taco's forever home but no one has been interested in adopting him due to the fact that he needs Lysine for his herpes. He's been doing a lot better lately but his eyes still look a little swollen

Woody Jr:

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Poor little Taco! Hope a special home comes his way. I just love those red and cream boys.

But I felt the same way - Charlie's a year old now....where did my baby Oci go?
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Aww, Thanks for sharing those pictures of the kittens!

They are so beautiful, Garfield is stunning! Love his fur coloring

We hope Taco can find a special home, hes worth all the lysine!
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wow havnt been on here for a while, they have gotten so big!!! poor little taco, vibes that he finds his forever home soon x
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Awwww, what a gorgeous furbunch I love Garfield
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They're all growing so fast!! Taco's eyes are looking much better.

Sebastian and Garfield are growning into very handsome young men!!!
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What gorgeous kittens! <3 Oh goodness, they do grow up so fast. :<
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