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Cat Painting???

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Cat painting? Is this for real? Maybe the book is a joke? Has anyone ever heard of serious cat painting before? Wierd!

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I saw that book at the store. Goodness knows why people paint their cats!
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Here's a painted Cat! Some people are really crazy about their cats these days. I think it's very cute!

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Don't they lick off the paint and get sick?
Where did you get that picture, I couldn't find any painted cat pictures so I thought the book was a spoof for artists or something.

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OMG thats a funny picture, but I wouldnt like my bum painted!
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I've wanted to ask this question for weeks!

I saw the book in a store, and flicked through it. It seems to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, and lets face it, who would paint their cat? (Good luck in getting a cat to sit still long enough!)

Although, it does raise the posibility of selling advertising space on cats, Nik would look good with the Coke "dynamic ribbon" , or the Nike swish...

(I'm joking, honestly! )
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Found this on the subject...it is a list of other peoples comments on cat-painting.

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I found the picture by searching for "Painted Cats". I only found the one though! I'll keep looking, I know I have seen lot's of these before on the net.
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I have actually looked through the book while in B&N. It is really interesting, and amazing what these cats look like after the painting. They also list the ingrediants of the paint that they use, and they all seemed non-harmful to the cat should they lick the paint off.

What I couldn't figure out was how they would get a cat to sit still long enough to actually do the painting. Some of them were far more detailed that the bum painting and the cover painting. I guess you just have to have a mellow cat or a whole lot of patience.
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I am very curios about this book now, i am thinking of buying it. If I do I will take pics of the book pictures and post some.

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looks like there's a lot of patience dealt out on both sides. The painter and the cat! lol I also saw that in the book store. Darrell and I had a huge laugh going through it. Remarkable.
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The exact same book has been featured this morning in a national UK tabloid (Daily Mail). The images are amazing, how on earth did they get their cats to sit still for so long?
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