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What is a ragdoll cat?

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I'm not sure if this belongs here but I've recently seen this term for a breed of cat. Could someone tell me exactly what
is a ragdoll cat? Thanks
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Sorry, I've already answered my own question. I went on the breeds site. I've not heard of this breed before but now I know.
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Ragdolls are really gorgeous and floppy fluff balls that love to cuddle. I hear they have great personalities (purrrsonalities?) and are super mellow. At least thats what I hear!

As I recall the woman who developed the breed was a few cards short of a deck. Great cats, weird breeder!
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My best friend has a ragdoll - he is very, very, very shy and will not come out at all if she has people over. He isn't a lap cat either - not very affectionate. Another friend has a ragdoll that can be very aggressive to cats and humans alike. My feeling (and my opinion only) is that with any breed you will find variances in general idiosyncracies, i.e., Siamese are often one-person cats but you'll find some that are very sociable with everyone, etc.
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