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Question of the Day - September 25th

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what is your favorite snack food? crackers, pretzels, chips, popcorn? something else?

I personally like popcorn
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I cant eat momst snack foods due to health issues. But before I got sick my favorite was Cheetos.
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chips and salsa and popcorn.
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We both love sweets, but do crave the salty snacks once in a while.
-Marble Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Banana Bread...
-Buttered Popcorn, Ranch Doritos, Honey Roasted Peanuts...
So many tasty choices...that question made us hungry
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I love....
Mike & Ikes
Quaker mini delights 100 calorie rice cakes
Ice cream
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Crisps(chips), nuts and popcorn, in that order
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I am addicted to cheesecake, and pretzels, and cheeseballs!
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Chocolate. Or something else that is sweet.
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I am a ice cream fanatic, my favorite at the moment is Mint Chocolate Swirl but that could change at anytime.

I also really like Nacho chips and Hot Salsa, however got to be careful because sometimes it doesn't like me.

Chips my favorite is dill pickle.

and of coarse hot chocolate
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Chocolate chip cookies

chips and salsa
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Does Chinese count?

I'm currently eating a very healthy snack of Frooties(green apple), Cheetos, Bugles, & Fritos. I like Popcorn, though, too!
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Usually trail mix or the chex mix stuff. Something at least a little "healthy"

But during the holidays - its chocolate chip cookies - homemade !
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Anything with sugar in it.
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I like chocolate dipped pretzels.
Also i like snack mixes...whether it me Chex mix or more of a trail mix.
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Popcorn My job actually had its own popcorn machine, so we get popcorn whenever. (Of course, we can only eat it when we are on a break or leaving, since we cant have food in the labs).
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