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Ferals & Cats Update Carradoc

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Well, must update all - the ferals that were fixed Saturday showed up -
I saw 3 of them eating with the others last night! I was so happy. Great feeling to know they will never breed. I was worried about the one that had trouble waking up. She seemed okay when released but I don't think I saw her out eating...even from a distance.

Maybe she wont' come out when I am around?

I was a little concerned when I counted heads too.. I know I have always seen around 20 cats - yesterday I counted only 17. It has been warm with full moon - good hunting perhaps? So some were not hungry enough to come?

Usually all my black kittens show up (6) - this time I seemed to be missing a few of them

I worry with halloween coming along! I think I might have missed a couple of the tigers too. Otherwise, all the cats looked to be there.

I saw a bobcat kitten once 2 years ago there.. and so I wonder if one is hunting again when cats go missing.

OTH they might just not have been round, out hunting. I was on the early side - usually come round 6:30 or 7 and I came at 5:30...

Fingers crossed. Please also send vibes for me for trapping this Friday. I hope to catch 4 more and do them. The sooner I get 12 done, the happier I will be... I know there are some preggers there, and some getting ready to go to their first breeding cycle. I want to put a dent in the numbers of breeding ready cats!! So vibes I catch only females, LOL!!! Breeeding females at that!!! I hate the kitty abortion idea but also hate the idea of cats suffering...

In other news - Dewey the wild cat - the kitten dumped on me by the neighbor girl who's mom can't have and who wouldnt fix... he is ready
for adoption in 2 wks!

I have agreed to take a shy kittenf rom someone else to put with Dewy as he's scared all the big cats out side!! they hate him!! Senior cats, LOL.

Even Goose goes outside to avoid the pest! So now, I am getting ready to take on the orange guy kitten. I hope Dewey will teach by example NOT to fear humans, and by handling alot having underfoot with the big cats, the orange guy will TAME. Please send vibes for me on this project.

Dewey goes in 2 wks to AAWL for adoption - while he's still cute and fuzzy and adorable... not a young wild cat, LOL.

So I only have 2 wks with orange guy to tame him down...
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Wow you have been busy. Thank you for all your hard work. I will certainly send vibes for catching those females.
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It's a wonderfru thing that you are doing for the cats. I understand your worries when doing the head count. There are coyotes around here.

Good luck with your trapping Friday!
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Okay, last night we had 20 cats.

I definitely missed 2 of my blackies I don't
know what happened to them Sad..

I saw 4 of the blackies, not the original six (I think!) so
that is where I count 2 missing. I also counted all the tabbies
brown and grey as being there.

And in a surprise 3 patch grey white kittens of
6 weeks age showed up WITH MOMMA I Fixed!!

At least they were weaning, and the Momma is now fixed - no new
kittens there. Sigh. They are QUITE wild!! But time to catch them
is there. I have to concentrate on the breeding adults.

Wish me luck for Friday's trapping. Send me major vibes!!

In other good news - Laphrogie the cat that I caught from colony in
carrier, who escaped into the house, tamed down, and in a stroke of VERY bad luck got outside...she is STILL hanging round! Yayyy. She was
in the yard this morning. This is better than ever, getting closer to getting her to come inside!! And she let me pet her again!! Yayyy!!!

The only bad thing is the tomcat Grey Ball is hanging round, waiting
to pounce when she hits her heat. I will need trapping vibes for her
tonight... I plan to trap and get back inside, and over to the vet
PRONTO. OTH if I can't get her to the vet's ASAP - I may have no
choice but wait and leave her out till Sunday. I HATE that choice!

I'm going to try for her anyway, and see if I can catch her. She's very sweet and would be a good pet once fixed. She and the Grey Goose are getting on fabulously well all things considered. Diablo ignores her, and so too Shebs. I think she will make a good addition to my household - I could put her back
at colony but she's SOOO super nice and friendly I hate to do that...

Also, got a lead on one of my missing kitties Miew Miew. Need time to trave and follow up on lead - will do tonight. Someone saw a cat like her, but of course, I don't know if its remotely like her, unless I go and look. Sigh.

Send me vibes. Would be MARVELOUS luck to get Froggie in the house, without a trap (I have a pet door, and Goose comes and goes, so she might LEARN to come inside??) to recover Miew Miew (that it turns out to be her, and I get her to come to her special call), and to trap 4 ferals!!
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Good work! We had a similar situation last year. A local business asked for our help and since the ferals were so used to people they readily went into the traps. We got 6 of them within 3 days, 5 of them FEMALE. That could have been such a disaster when they went into heat, but it won't happen now. Now when I go to feed them on the weekends, (the business takes care of it during the week)they all come out to say hi.

You are doing a great thing!
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