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Swollen Paw

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I have two male cats they got into a fight and the baby who is 1 yrs 5 months lost one of his claws completely there is no longer a nail its just skin(one on the side of his paw) it looks swollen but he is walking on it.

I don't really have the money to take him to a vet and I don't know where to start any help would be appreciated.
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My dog breaks her nails off all the time. The heal on their own.
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It almost looks like he de-clawed himself all I see is skin and it's just a bit frightening to me. I noticed this afternoon when he's sitting up right he'll hold his paw up now and not put weight on it when sitting.

Gosh I do hope he gets better I would be so lost without this cat.
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It is possible, actually, IMO very likely that he'll get an infection in that paw/claw from being in the litterbox. Is there any vet who would put you on a payment plan?

Because, IMO, getting him checked now & on anti-bitoics is better than waiting & having something major to fix.
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I agree 100%
It's an infection waiting to happen and if something isn't done now it's going to cost a lot more money not to mention be much more painful for kitty.

Call your Vet and explain what happened and that your short on money right now ask if a payment plan can be set up.
If you've been going to that Vet for any length of time they more then likely won't have a problem.

Good luck and let us know how kitty is doing.
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