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Amoxil & diarrhea

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Hi, I'm supposed to give my cat oral Amoxil, 2ml twice a day for 10 days to clear up her sneezing. I've only given her 2 2ml doses but the first bowel movement following the 2nd 2ml dose, she had diarrhea. She hasn't gone since then. I didn't notice any blood in it and it wasn't runny. My cat is 11 years old and very rarely has loose stools. The last time she took Amoxil was maybe 9-10 years ago and she didn't have any adverse reactions to it then. I am considering calling the vet to see about getting her on another drug if the diarrhea happens again. I was just wondering, if it is the drug that is causing the diarrhea, can this just be an initial response to the drug as the body adjusts or something more serious? Can Amoxil cause any serious illnesses like inflammatory bowel disease? I haven't found any information that that it does but I'm only asking the latter because my other cat had adverse reactions to Amoxil (he'd vomit) and a few months later he was diagnosed with IBD. Thanks.
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Spot was very allergic to Amoxil and any other penicillin. He had trouble with a lot of antibiotics (the only one we found that he tolerated was Baytril), and he would have horrible diarrhea for at least a couple of weeks even after the medication was stopped. I would say that one instance of diarrhea may be okay, but if it continues definitely call the vet.
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Blossom had soft stools last week for no apparent reason so I put a very little asadophalis (sp) powder from a capsule in her food. I had read that it was ok for pets. Also I've given plain fat reduced yoghurt on their food. Amoxil kills off all bacteria so need to be replaced with good bacteria. Ask your vet.
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Antibiotics frequently cause loose stools. If it's really bad I'd contact your vet about it, but otherwise I'd give a probiotic after she's finished the course of antibiotics (not much point in giving it until the antibiotics are finished as the antibiotic will kill off the good bacteria in the probiotic too).
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I have used amoxi a LOT.

One cat who was sensitive to it vomited immediately (like < 15 min) after swallowing.

The others might get diarrhea the first 2 -3 days after starting it, but then it subsided. You might try giving probiotics to see if they help. But donlt wait more than a couple of days.
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Lola was on Amoxicillin for her UTI and had loose stools for the first couple of days on it. I was told by my vet that this would probably happen, so I was expecting it. She normalized after a couple of days and didn't have any problem with it for the rest of the course of antibiotics.
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Usually, with any anti-biotic, you see loose stools after a few days which should get better. If the loose stools do not improve, then talk to your vet.
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