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Strange whiskers?!

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I've noticed my little baby has very short whiskers...Do they "break" easily during play or grooming, or is something wrong? All her whiskers on the side of her mouth were intact when she was about 4-5 weeks old, but know she has maybe 1-2 that are at full length. She is 11 weeks old now...

My previous cat had all his whiskers all of the time, that is why I' wondering.

Sorry if this is a stupid question or it has already been asked. I'm just too lazy to browse the whole forum for threads
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Some cats could have genetics for brittle whiskers. But it is also possible she is just growing new ones.
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What I noticed with my newest cat (who is now 6 mos) is something similar. I'll bet if you look at the new short whiskers they're thicker, more sturdy than the first ones the kitten had. Mine had long wispy ones, and they seemed to go away. Around that same time it started to look like he had a 5 o' clock shadow or something growing, and now they're the same size/consistency/everything as my adult cat's whiskers.

Does it work like a baby teeth/adult teeth thing? I have no idea, this is just what I've seen.
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My older cat's whiskers were getting shorter and falling out because I used to feed her cheap food. Her whiskers are full and long and don't fall out anymore and they don't look short.
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They can break off or be short. Rex cats have curly whiskers or sometimes very little. I don't really pay any attention to the cats whiskers unless someone happens to mention it
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...for the answers guys

She's a bengal and it might just be possible that she's growing new ones as you mention Jaws808. I don't mind the "aesthetics" of it, but just heard that cats use their whiskers as a sensing-device, so they know if they can squeeze in etc.
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Well since a lot of the rexes have very short whiskers or none at all, I don't think the "measuring" stuff would hold up
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Awww widdle whiskers
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