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Skin Problems with new kitty

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About 3 weeks ago I found three lovely orange tiger kitties down the street from my apartment. I brought them home and my male cat, Simon, (I have two adult cats) took to them immediately: cleaning them, herding them, etc.. In the last few weeks the kittens have become very close with Simon, playing and wrestling with him. Today I noticed that one of the kitties has an area on the back of his neck beneath his fur that feels like mass scabbing. I tried my best to see what the area looked like under his fur and it looked like pinkish/ blackish scabs. I am not sure what to make of it and I am wondering if perhaps it is something that has been caused by Simon and the kittens rough housing. I have observed them playing and it never seems as if the kittens are injured by Simon in any way. So I was wondering, is this anything that anyone else has experienced before? I guess I just need some good advice. -Erin >^..^<
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I have not heard of this before but it could be flea bites. You might want to take a damp white wash cloth and a flea comb and see if you can comb it out to see what is there.

Or you can dab at the area with the washcloth to see if it is tender.

If it is a large area I would take him to the vet.
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One of my cats has reddish scabs on her lower back and the vet has said that she is allergic to flea bites. Your cat could have a flea allergy but it can also be a food allergy since it is near the face/head, which is where scabs due to food allergies usually appear. An injury or bite to that area, as a cause, should not be ruled out also. Hopefully not, but it could also be something more serious. Even just as a precaution, a vet should probably examine the cat.
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