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pregnant cat

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hi, my cat, skeeter, is pregnant, i think she is very close to birth becasue i can see the kits moving inside her and i think she has milk now. im not sure exactly how many weeks she has been pregnant but i know she will have them very soon. this is her first (and last) time, and i think she is only going to have 2, or 3 at most. how do i know when she will be about to have her kittens? and the fater is her brother (it was an ACCIDENT, my sisters fault), so will this seriously affect the kittens, beside things like extra toes?ive already found a home for one f them. is there any other info you can give me? thankx =]

and how can i insert pictures so i can show you what skeeter looks like? she is black with a white smudge on her face and white paws,
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Usually if you can express some milk from the nipples they will have them within a few days. I would confine her to one room where you want her to have the kittens - or a large kennel/cage is even better.

Prepare a box with a a pillowcase with newspaper in it (flat) for absorbing the birth blood, etc. Then after all kittens are born you can change it to a pillowcase with a soft towel or two inside.

The pillowcase will prevent the kittens nails from getting caught.

And keep her brother away from her at all times - she can get pregnant again while nursing kittens. I sure hope the brother has been neutered by now and she should be spayed when the kittens are about 6-8 weeks old - when weaned.

There is a 50/50 chance of some genetic problems with the kittens or even stillborn kittens. Be prepared.
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ive done all those things. we dont have the brother, he was my sisters friend, and my sister brought skeeter there when we went on vacation a while ago. they brought the brother to the humane society tho. other than that, ive done those things. is that all i can do?
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Yep that's about it for now till the kittens are born. Will you get her spayed or keep any of the kittens?
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Don't be afraid to call the vet if you need to. Oh I'm so sad they dropped him off at the Humane Society though, poor baby.

Best of luck with the babies, make sure to get the little ones & the mommie fixed! Glad you're on top of things. Make sure to post photos soon!
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since we already have 5 cats, we probs wont keep one, but im hoping we can becasue we had to put my dog to sleep a couple weeks ago. and we are getting her spayed and any kittens that we do end up keeping. i cant wait!! ill post pics after i get home from school.
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