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Chief has crossed the bridge

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Many of you on this site have asked me about Chief since I first posted about him and I wanted to give you this sad update.

Chief is my niece's cat, a very sweet and even-tempered buff red tabby who was loved by his cat mom, Sara, and his cat grandparents (my sister and her husband). Although Chief lived far away from me, he was always my little buddy when I would visit with him. Sara adopted him as a young teenager and he saw her through college and into adult hood. He lived many of his years with my sister and her husband as Sara completed her studies both in the states and abroad.

Chief became ill with digestive problems in July and I posted for help in the Health forums. Many of you responded with outstanding advice which I passed onto his family and it truly helped them work through those problems. Unfortunately, an MRI detected advanced Lymphoma. Chief was treated with chemo therapy but it was too far advanced to be put in remission. He crossed yesterday afternoon at 14 years old.

My family and I would like to thank everyone on this site who has provided advice and vibes during Chief's illness over the last few months. They were stunned that complete strangers would take time out of their lives to help a cat that they never met.

Romp free over the bridge little buddy!! May you find friendship with your cat cousins!!

to Sara

to Chief
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Rest in Peace, Chief. Your companionship will be missed.
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Condolences to your family on the loss of their cherished cat.
RIP Chief.
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So sorry for your families loss! He sounded like he was so special!
Death never arrives at the right time, even for our beloved animals!
All I believe is we will be with them again one day, without ever having
to lose them again!!! Chief, I know your deeply missed! RIP sweetie!
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Awww poor chief. Maybe he has found Jake along with the other TCS kitties, over the bridge.
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Amy, i'm so sorry for your nieces cat It's quite obvious that the poor baby was much loved

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My condolences to your niece and her family. Rest in peace Chief, you will be missed.

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My deepest condolences to you, your neice and her family. He will be missed.

May Chief R.I.P. pain-free and play with all of the kitties that have preceeded him and be a kind guide to those yet to follow.
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I am so sorry to hear about Chief.

RIP sweety
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In memory of Chief. May he rest in peace over the rainbow bridge.
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Originally Posted by TickyTat View Post
In memory of Chief. May he rest in peace over the rainbow bridge.
That is just so awesome Brianne!!!!!!!
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it's harder when someone you love loses a dear companion, sometimes, than it is when you lose one of your own. Chief was like both, wasn't he?
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