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Canned food question and kidney update

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Sassy La Rue was given can food from the vet for her kidney issues. He didn't tell me how much to feed her or how long it can stay out. She weighs 12lbs and is use to free feeding dry food but how long can canned food be out before it needs to be tossed?

As an update, her creatin is up from normal to 4.9 and her BUN is 59. He thinks it's due to the congenital defect in her kidneys. He's going to consult with the specialist, to see what's going on and the next course of action. I'm going to continue with the SubQs at home and it looks like those could become a normal part of our routine with Miss La Rue.
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My kitties all eat canned Purina NF (kidney diet). I put out 2 cans in the morning when I leave for work and they graze on it all day. It's usually gone when I come home from work 12 hours later. I've been doing this for 7 years now, and no one's gotten sick from bad food....so my guess is that it has enough preservatives in it that it stays good all day.

Have you talked to your vet about adding a phosphorus binder to Sassy's food? From all the reading I've done on the subject of CRF, it appears that controlling the serum phosphorus level helps to slow the progression of the disease. I put dried aluminum hydroxide gel powder phosphorus binder into all of the canned food that I feed the girls. Cleo and Maggie's creatinine levels have remained very stable since I started doing that.

Good luck to you and Sassy....you both remain in my prayers!
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Thank you for the advice! I'll ask the vet tomorrow about phosphorus binders when he calls.

She did end up regurtigating the canned food about 1/2 an hour after she ate it. But, I think she ate quite quickly and she did get her vaccines today. I think that may be part of the issue.
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