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Merrick vs. Wellness food

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When I adopted my new kitten (in July) I started down the whole natural cat foods route. I started feeding them Natural Balance food (b/c it was on sale) but it was not the best-smelling or looking wet food...Plus, both my kitten and cat seemed to lose interest in it after a while.

So, I started looking for a different one. I found two that seemed like a good match. Merrick and Wellness. My biggest concern with a food is that I can feed my cat and kitten the same thing (they don't care whose bowl is whose. ) but Luna is overweight and she gets wet only. Sherman gets a little dry too because he eats A LOT.

Merrick cat food has .3% min of crude fat and Wellness has .5%. (Natural Balance has .5% too and Luna didn't gain any weight on that).

I bought them Merrick this time because they have all kinds of fun dishes like Turducken, Granny's Pot Pie and California Roll but when I was reading the can it said to give cats 1 can per 6lbs of body weight a day (so, Luna would get 2 cans a day vs. 1 can of Natural Balance) and to feed kittens twice that (so Sherm, at 6.5 lbs would get 2 cans a day vs. 1 can of Natural Balance+1/4 c. dry). This food looks good - it's actually chunks of meat and veggies and gravy - but I don't think I've ever heard anything about it. I know WEllness has gotten good reviews, but it has more fat than Merrick.

Does anyone have any opinions? Is it OK to feed both an overweight cat and kitten a food w/ only .3% fat? Anyway, sorry to ramble and thanks!!
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I've fed Merrick in the past, but it didn't sit well with Odo's stomach. A few people have found things in the food that looked out of place, so I recommend smooshing it with a fork before feeding to make sure there isn't anything that shouldn't be there in the food.
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I feed my Hannah Merrick and she LOVES it!! She doesn't particularly care for the fishy ones or the California something or other one. Her favs are Grammy's Pot Pie and Turducken. Cowboy Cookout is okay, but she doesn't gobble it down like she does the other 2. I order her food online direct from Merrick, and their service is wonderful.

They do have the smaller cans (3 oz, I think) and the larger cans (5.5 oz, I think), too. If your local store doesn't carry the larger cans, you can buy them online. Also, you can buy a variety pack which is 1 can of each flavor. I'm waiting for them to come out with a dry food, too.
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Merrick seems to redo fomulas alot... I used to feed some to Kandie ... now cans are nutro and wellness here ... the girls like and I like.... two % fat is not a huge issue ... Cats really need more fat and protein
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