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The Gall of some Vets !

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Ya know , I just checked my messages and that so called VET finally called back . The one that initally saw Bentley , the one that did the Fecal twice ? Oh ! I am soooooooo P.O.'D !

He had the GALL to tell me to take Bentley back to the Shelter to have him adopted out again when he knows the problem as well as the shelter ! And he's SUPPOSED to be a Vet that "works" with the shelter ?

He knows that they will shut him down . And to add insult to injury , He tells me in a very condesceding way while trying to patronize me that Bentley is such a beautiful cat and very well behaved . DUH , this has been established...

Trust me.......Ya don't wanna know what I called back and said . I don't think I can type those euphamisms in here !
I did however call him Dr. Demento and some other things.......

Sorry , I'm just venting here , I'm sure ya'll can appreciate my frustration . To put it kinda gingerly , I told him that I had a HUGH cucumber waiting for him.......Get the drift ?

Thank GOD for special Vets and people that truely care , like Ya'll !

Thanks for your time.....

With much respect ,

Rebecca P.
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I'll bet you are LIVID!! Have you had him tested for PKD? It is a genetic kidney desease that is prevelent in Persians. I hope for his sake that test comes back negitive.
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Did you call the shelter and tell them of your experience with their "recomened" vet?
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I can well sympathize with your aggravation with some vets. a little over a year ago we took our beloved Tiger in because he wasn't peeing and was bloated. We were told that he had a crystal blockage in his urinary tract. They gave him a catheter, mentioned that surgery might be necessary if it continued to re-block. But, they seemed pretty calm about the whole situation. so, we thought that everything would be fine. Well, to make a long story short, he re-blocked and the gave him the catheter again. And when the time came for us to bring him home, they first said he still wasn't peeing on his own that he had to stay longer. then they reversed and said that his bladder was just probably inflamed and that he would be fine with medication. So, we took him home after he had been in their care for 5 days. He continued to strain to go pee but could not. and by the next morning was beginning to bloat again. So, my fiancé made an immediate appointment but they could not "fit" us in until late in the afternoon. He took Tiger in and a different vet looked at him. He began pressing on his bladder to make him urinate when the bladder exploded!!! My fiancee called me at work and told me to come right away. we had to consider the options quickly because he was dying. We were told that with surgery there still was a good chance they would not be able to repair the bladder. and that there must be something else wrong with him. That he would most likely have to have a bag to pee for the rest of his life even if they were able to save him. We did not want to put him through this so we opted to put him down. He was only 6 years old! I have since learned many things and know without a doubt that that vet killed my cat. But I feel so helpless. I felt and feel there is nothing I can do because I can not really prove it. I have, unfortunately, grown to mistrust many vets.
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Sorry so long to get back to you . I've got tons of mails in my box that have to be addressed as I use this for work too !

I'm so sorry about your kitty , WHAT A NIGHTMARE !
Some so called "Vets" are just Medical school flunkies that opted out , ya know ? Not to say that being a GOOD Vet doesn't take a hell of a long time to accomplish . But , I've serious doubts about some . That's why I use several , if I don't get immediate attention or any kind of compassion at least , I drop that Vet , STAT !

The one I used was NOt my usual VET , he was one that would take Bentley straight away.....NEVER AGAIN ! I went back to my old Vet. even though he's a drive away.........and it was worth it !

You did all the right things , so don't feel as if you didn't . Some Vets are just "JERKS" for lack of a better term. They are in it for the $ and are not genuine , ya know ?

I had a lil kittie years back that I had checked by a Vet . ( The one I used to work for) because he was not relieving himself properly . This Vet said that he had an infection and took his temp. rectally . Next thing I know , about 2 days later , this kittie developed a HOLE on his left side . With a stentch you cannot imagine , so I took him back and HE ACCUSED ME of taking the cats temp and that I'd punctured his colon ! Needless to say , I was LIVID and told him that I had not done that and wouldn't b/c I was not trained for that at that particular time......He insisited that I did !
Well , the kittie died a horrible death and I know that that vet killed him !!!!!
So , I can totally relate to your feelings . There is really nothing you can do as far as proving that this Vet. killed you're kittie . Unless you can get another Vet. to back you , and that's not to likely as Dr.s DO NOT like to go against one another and that's in ALL fields !

Know that your kittie knew that you did all you could , loved you and it was left in Gods hands . That's ALL we can do really . I know it's easier said than done , but essentially , that's all their really is . I wish I could say more to comfort you , Hell , I still feel guilty for not being there when Maryann got hit by a car . It was her time and we cannot judge that . We just have to grieve and get on with it , as hard as it is.......I'm living proof.....I still cry for my Maryann , but she's in Gods hands and is well .

Crap , I'm crying now , I gotta get off this subject........
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