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Face Biter

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I'm having an issue with my kitten wanting to bite some part of my face all the time. Espically when I'm sleeping she'll come and bite my eyelid OUCH.
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Yes kittens do like to bite. Are you playing with her before bed to tire her out?
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kinda sounds like what I have to go through. My young cat jumps on the bed and likes to sleep next to me and knead at my face - when it hurts, i know its time to trim his claws...
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Originally Posted by kitytize View Post
Yes kittens do like to bite. Are you playing with her before bed to tire her out?
Ya my bf and I run her ragged. But she'll still wake up really early and go straight for my eyelids.
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My female cat would sit on my neck and touch her nose to my lips and just sit there and stare at me.

While cute and first, it started to get on my nerves. She was pretty insistant about doing that all the time.

So it was time to deter her. What I found that worked, and you can just do it gentley is blow air in their face.

So if your cat bites your eye lids, blow in their face. Not hard and crazy like but they won't like it.

I do have to ask if you wear mascara to bed? My cats do like the smell of mascara. I am not sure why, but it draws them in.
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I second Breal76... blow gently in her face. The mascara thing... I had a cat once that used to gently clean the mascara off my eyes with her teeth. She never hurt but it did get aggrevating. I always pick my cats up to snuggle and tell them I'm leaving before I go anywhere... she would always use that as an opportunity to clean the make up from my eyes lol
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Ummm no I try to remove all makeup before bed in the off chance I am actually wearing makeup. My bf thinks it's her way of checking to see if I'm awake cuz she won't do it to him maybe because he snores It's just such an odd thing she chooses to do. I'll give the blowing a try to see if it deteres her at all.
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She's probably being entertained by the reaction she gets (which is probably pretty exciting!). And since you're not doing anything to tell her it's bad, she keeps doing it because she thinks it's OK.

So try doing the blowing thing, or even scolding her a bit (water, a light bap, etc.). You can also try closing your bedroom door when you sleep for a week or two and see if she forgets about it.
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Blowing on the face works. I use that to keep the kitties away from my food.

I used to use a spray bottle for one kitten that was a foot-biter, and that also seems to work. It's likely that she thinks, 'Hey, I'm awake! You should be awake too!' It might still be the mascara thing; cats have an extremely good sense of smell... so even if there were a bit of residue left over from the mascara, she might still be able to smell it. ^_^
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yea I keep a spray bottle nearby for the kittens and give em a spray if they're doing something I don't want them to do. Chloe climbs up on my chest and snuggles usually but sometimes she bats my nose (bap bap) gently with no claws. and sometimes when I'm snoozing w the kittens they start cleaning each other and then me, it's cute at first but it kinda hurts after a few minutes of scratchy licking in the same spot. haha, they're funny, they groom my eyebrows for me while I nap.
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I always just pulled the sheet over my head until the kitten grew out of this phase.

I never did grow to like having my eyelids, nostrils, cheek, chin and forehead cleaned by a cat while sleeping.
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My kitten does that too. I like the blowing suggestion. The real trick is to blow while still pretending to be asleep. She may have figured out she can wake you up for play.
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