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i had posted a while back about my cat having jaundice and not eating. they did x-rays and ultrasound and everything checked out. they installed a feeding tube on 9/3. i syringe fed him and he also started eating on his own especially after i started feeding him KAHOOTS brand gourmet fillet wet food. then all of a sudden he started getting nauseous. he'd try to eat but after one or two bites got nauseous. he did the same when i syringe feed him through the tube. my vet sugested smaller portions. it didn't help. i called the vet hospital in murietta that installed the tube. they thought maybe the tube had moved. so we took him to the hospital saturday night. they did xrays and the tube is still in place. they did a liver panel and the results are better than 3 weeks ago. no idea what's making him nauseous he's now on metoclopramide/reglan syrup 3 times a day against nausea. it seemed to help some but it didn't get rid of it all. he won't eat real food just what i syringe feed him. he seems okay other than that.
he was doing so good starting to eat real food again and now this. anybody here ever had something similar happen?
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Have you tried a different food? Maybe there's something in the brand you're feeding that doesn't agree with him. I had this happen recently. I had been feeding the outdoor kitties Purina with no problems then suddenly one of them started throwing up. After an expensive trip to the Vet I realized that it was the food that was causing the problem. I switched to a different food and he doens't throw up anymore. Hopefully your cat's problem is this simple.
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There are other problems that can cause nausea. Pancreatitis is one. You may want to consider having the fPLI (feline pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity) test run. With pancreatitis, the treatment usually includes supportive care (fluids if the cat is dehydrated, food, and sometimes pain medicine like Buprenex) and frequently a steroid like prednisolone to reduce the inflammation (make sure it's prednisolone rather than prednisone as it works better in most cats).

I would keep feeding through the tube and discuss with your vet possible causes of the nausea, particularly if the Reglan isn't helping. There are a few other drugs available that may help instead. If that nausea started with that brand of food, you might consider switching to a different one to see if that helps.

Best of luck! I know how hard tube feeding can be (I just went through it with Willow), but keep fighting for him and trying to get him past this rough patch.
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