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I got a new kitten and now my existing cat isnt as playful??

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So I got a new kitten who was 18 weeks old almost a month ago. My already existing cat is a year and a half and "was" extreamly playful which is why we wanted to get another cat(one that was also crazy and playful like him). But now that we have the new kitten our cat isnt playful anymore, and I know its not that he minds her because they get along together and he licks her alot but still he just isnt as playful. He use to have fave toys that he'd always play with. now he doesnt play with them at all? any advice? words of wisdom? please share.thanks
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Your cat is still getting used to your new kitten it seems like...

Show your cat that everything is still the same. Sometimes a cat will change its behavior if the situation changes. Try to get your cat to interact with the new kitten by playing with toys together so he can see that playing is still fun. Get your cat to play again, keep trying & trying. Eventually he may be playful again...you could try a laser toy, cats usually play with it no matter what...all we can say is keep trying.

Update us all on how your two fuzzies are getting along!
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I'm sure things will "pick up" with the older cat soon. It takes time to adjust to a new brother/sister - some take a few weeks, some take a few months.

Just continue to play with both. One important thing to remember - when you come in the house ALWAYS greet the older cat first before the new kitten - that way you won't have jealousy.
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I know that the older cat isnt jealous at all, it just seems now he'd rather watch her play than play himself. its weird.
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I agree that your older cat is still getting used to the newbie. And definitely agree with greeting your "first" cat before the kitty when you come home. I do this as well as make sure my first resident cat gets her treat first, her food first and gets brushed first.

And laser toys are awesome. I just bought one this weekend and they all love it.

Good luck!
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Try putting the kitten in a different room and playing with the older cat by itself. You might get more of a reaction then. I bet the kitten has so much energy that she's beating the older cat to it. He's not even going to try if he knows she's going to beat him. And since they like each other, he's not going to fight her over it. He's probably just a passive cat.

We had a similar problem here. In our case, Puppy is a lot more active if Bunny isn't playing. It's not that he doesn't like her. They play together all the time, and he cleans her. However, she is very energetic and usually goes after the toy first. Puppy prefers to watch the toy a little before pouncing, so he never gets it. He doesn't even try unless she's locked in another room.

Also remember that cats slow down a little around 2. My guess is that isn't the case here though.
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I agree with what everyone has said, I have three cats and recently just introduced the third, 2 months later things are improving, they seem to watch each other before making a move, I have also noticed if i play with one alone they are a lot more responsive. Good luck.
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I noticed this with my cat after we got kittens. Her fav game used to be fetch, but she will only play it alone in my room now, not if the kittens are around. Try to give her some one on one time, but I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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