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Kitten leg issue.

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I have one question i need answering, if anyone can help - i think my boy has bumped his back leg. He is limping a little, without pain. He is fully mobile but hobbles slightly. He will let you pick him up and play with him without pain. No swelling or movement issues.. I have noticed his knee (do cats have knees??) joint is clicking... Any advise before i take the costly trip to the vets

Please don't make me cry by telling me its anything really bad
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I have no experience with anything like this and hope some of the experts here at TCS can help; but sending out good thoughts for your cat!
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I don't have any experience with this either.

Clicking noises are actually liquid in the joints moving as the joint moves (perfectly normal to have liquid in joint btw) It could be that he has excess liquid, or a joint slightly out of place. I don't think it's much to worry about if he doesn't appear to be in pain.

If you are concerned though, when I took Ziggy to the vets with her kittens, they offered a free health check with the first consultation. All I had to pay out for was the meds (flea and worm stuff) I went to Pets At Home (They have an instore vet practice). I don't know if you have one in Torquay, but we do here in Exeter if your okay with a meowing cat in the car for 20mins. Alternatively, have a scout around your town for vets who offre first consults for free.

Hello from Exeter
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My 14 y/o border collie has a clicking knee, but that's arthritis. If your really worried its off to the vets. In puppies it can be a slipped patella but I've never heard of it in cats.
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Sounds like Luxating Patella (this can be caused from injury or from genetics). Do a google search on that. I think this something you will want to discuss with your vet.
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Ok well i dragged him off to the vets meowing all the way - about a 5 min walk

Now the vet said he is in perrrfect health and is bright, alert, fit and had really good teeth, claws, fur etc..

The problem with his leg (Which i now find out are both legs) is (Forgotten the technical term) that he has double jointed knees. They pop in and out at will as the ligaments are too stretchy. This is down to genetics and the fact the kitty is now show winning pedigree. The Dr said the cat was fine and this causes him no discomfort or pain. He showed me how to realign the cats legs and said he might grow out of it. If not then at 9 months he'll have to have knee op's. Either way he's in pretty good shape and i'll keep him that way

Cheers for the help.
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