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Does your cat come when you call it?

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I was chatting with someone today and they said they don't like cats because they don't care about humans and don't come when they are called. All three of our cats know their names and will often come individually when they are called. Does anyone else find this to be true. Granted I cheated in the begining by giving them treats when they came
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Mine comes when called
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Cats do come when you call them - but only when they want to...

Our really affectionate cats come every chance you call them...they are always up for pettings. A couple of our cats rarely come when called, just depends on the cat & their mood.

The ones who rarely come when you call them do come but only when I do a high pitched kitty call...its for when they get to go in their fenced in backyard. They all come running when I do that, its cute
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....Only when they want too....

I agree with that. Ziggy comes nearly every time.

But if I'm trying to call her into another room to stop her going outside while I load up the car (with my two year old) She will act as though I haven't said anything and just sit by the door in hope she will be able to escape the house

Other than that, most cats I know respond to their name
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Vash does most of the time.

Spaz comes every time.
She will also sit and lie down on command.

The rest come if they feel like it, or if they think food might be involved
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No. I'm lucky if she even looks up when I speak.
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Yup, all of my babies come when they're called!
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Three of my four - Katie, Gracie and Pete - almost always come when they're called. Claire comes sporadically. Actually, most of the time, I'll just turn around and she's there, sitting and staring at me.
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My two deaf ones don't for some reason.

Damita comes when she's called, but she's blind & it's necessary. (She's blind)

The rest of them all come when they're called, all the inside & outside kitties.
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Riley comes to me if he thinks I might have treats or if he thinks I'm doing something interesting that he wants to put his little paws in, or if he happens to be in the mood
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Mine come if I call "Kitty Kitty"..... except Tonka..He just looks at me
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None of my cats come when called, unless im rustling a bag and calling.
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My cats would come when I called them.
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That's not cheating, that's the way a lot of experts would advise to do it! Personally, I don't like dogs because they are too dependent, and all over you, and do whatever you tell them to do. I love cats because they are more intelligent, able to think for themselves, independent, and when they come to you, you know it's because they want to be with you! not because they're "trained". People who have dominance/control issues like dogs because they like to tell others what to do and expect them to do it. That sure isn't how we do! Respecting all living beings and allowing them all to be themselves is the best here; and we want real love and affection, true beauty, grace, agility and loyalty -- the kind that you only get when you love cats and they love you.
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Most of the time they do but it really depends on their mood.
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Mine always come
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LILY: always
SPARKLE: no way; I think she heads in the other direction
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All three of our cats come when they're called.
Lizzie our RB baby only came when she felt like it, which wasn't to often

I didn't even have to call Gracie by name, if I say "Where's the baby?" she comes running.
She's 8 so she's not REALLY a baby, she's just my baby
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She does when she feels like it...
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Yup, they both come when I call their names
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Root and Tubee come, but Samba won't learn his name so he only responds to certain sounds.
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I have some choice words for my cat Forest. He hates me I am sure of it. He only comes in to eat food and occasional belly pets.

He doesn't come to me calling him.

Yet, I fawn all over him when he does pay attention to me. That cat keeps me humble.

My female is an attention %$#(@ so yes she comes when called.

My baby boy has to be in the mood to come to me.

My dog always comes when called.

Dogs will love you no matter what, cats will make you work for it.
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
I was chatting with someone today and they said they don't like cats because they don't care about humans and don't come when they are called.
That's exactly why I like them

Jaffa usually comes when he's called because there may be a treat in it and he'd hate to miss out. Mosi sometimes comes. It depends whether he feels like it. If he's doing something more interesting, like studying droplets of water in the washbasin, he'll totally ignore me.
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Tucker comes when I make kissy noises, Peep comes when I wiggle my fingers. Twix won't come at all. Well, actually she does... but only if I have food

I know cats can be "trained" to follow commands, but only if they feel like it!
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Never!! They only bother to come when hearing a can or bag of cat food is being opened.
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Kitty will come if I have food or his brush. Sometimes I call him and he gives me a dirty look and turns his head away!

I think Maisie is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. One day I was working in the garden ( which is at ground floor level ) and went over to the railings and called her because she was sat in the office door down in the basement.

She jumped up and came out to look for me but she just wouldn`t look up and she couldn`t work out where I was

Anouther time she was in the bedroom and I went and stuck my head through the window and called her. She lept up and went to the door on the opposite side to where I was and just sat staring at it I was clapping and calling but she never looked round.
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Coming from a dog person who now owns three cats, it's right. Dogs will always come when called. Only one of my cats will come when I call her and that's only when she's in the mood. A dog, on the other hand, will respond 90% of the time (unless they're deaf). I love all my cats with ever fiber of my being, but it's a totally different experience from having dogs all my life.
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Mittens does not come when I call her because she thinks I want her for the following:


If I want to do those things, I cannot get her to come, even if I use food as an excuse, she is too smart.

Cassy will come running from wherever she is. I'll call WHERES MY DOLLY
and she will come. She is not as smart as Mittens because she hasn't been here long enough.
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Forest comes when I call him...but not when DH does.

Harvey doesn't come at all. In fact, I think he hides when I call him.

Tailer doesn't come when I call him, but he does come and paw at me and meow whenever I sing.
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Yes, they both come when called. Summer even answers with her "What?" meow.
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