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I've been thinking about putting my 14-year-old cat on the joint health supplement Cosequin (glucosamine chondroitin sulfate).

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations when it comes to this product?

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I would take the label to the health food stores..IMHO better quality can be had for the price... What diet is the cat on??
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She gets Iams Senior Formula and several Feline Greenies treats per day.
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I am not sure about Iams as it is IMHO a low quality food , having jt support ( I will look it up).. nutro and royal canin both have jt support in senior
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Oh so maybe I should switch foods. If a food has joint support, do you think the Cosequin would still be beneficial?
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you might need it for a few months( this is dog as cat studies are few and far between)... My Kandies jts greatly improved on just Nutro max cat senior( it doesnt post amounts so read the label...
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I give my cat Cosequin and it is great.

The vet recommended it about a year ago after I told her about my cat's recent reluctance to jump up. She would get ready to jump to a table or something, and assume the jumping position, but hesitate.

Ever since she has been on the cosequin supplement she is much more youthful in behavior. It's great!

It comes in capsules, which you can sprinkle on the food. I feed dry food, so I put some water in the capsule then sprinkle it on the food so it sticks. If you use wet food, you won't have to wet it first.

I give 2 capsules a day, one each, when I feed in the morning and night.
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Sierra enjoys Catswell Happy Hips. It's all natural chicken breast with glucosamine, chondroitin, flaxseed oil, and naturally preserved with vitamin E. I could really see a difference in her soon after she started taking it.

Here is another Cosequin product I'd recommend.


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I give my cat Cosequin for bladder control... he has chronic cystitis. It has done wonders for my little baby. I have seen a huge change since he has been taking the Cosequin. If it does for joints what it does for the bladder, I would definitely recommend it!
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