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Lewis is dying.  

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I got up this morning, checked on the little ones and fed all 11 of them. Everyone looked good. Though I noticed the older ones didn't really eat as much as they normally do.

Went to the rescue and did my work there and came back home.. I went up and fed the youngest babies first... then went over to feed the older ones. But I couldn't find Lewis... I did eventually find him under the bookcase and he was ice cold.
I gave him a warm bath, because he had poop all over his side... and dried him with the blow dryer, wrapped him in a towel and sat him in front of a heater.
While I was bathing him he bit my thumb and wouldn't let go. I had to pull his mouth open to get him to release my finger.

He was also dehydrated so I gave him 12ccs of fluid subcutaneously. And forced some milk into him. I am going to go make some warm sugar water and try that with him now.. but I don't think there is any hope for him.

My vet is away and there is no other vet in the area.

I am worried that whatever he has, the other ones have it as well, as none of them wanted to eat really when I tried to feed them this afternoon. I will definitely be making an appointment for them for tomorrow.. but I don't know what I can do until then..
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Warmth and Cuddles is what you can do for him. Keep going with the fluids.

on his health, and the others too.

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Aww sorry to hear about Lewis! We hope he'll get better

You are doing a great job with the kittens! Just keep doing what you can...

Update us on if Lewis pulls through!! We hope all the kittens will be okay...
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I think I found the problem.... he has poop running out of him like water.

I have noticed since hte kittens started eating the wet food that their stool was more loose... but not this bad.

I have some paste for diahhrea at the rescue that I will go and pick up and try as well.
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I know there are no other vets in the area, but can you call another vet out of the area for advice?

You've got fluids into him, now just get his blood sugar back up. Keep him warm...have you got him on a heating pad? You can also try a ricebag...sometimes when just one kitten is sickly, I like to put rice in a sock & keep it heated, like another kitty is there with them.

Has there been any previous concern over these guys & their eating habits? Was Lewis thin/sickly prior to today?
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Aww!! I am sorry to hear Lewis isnt doing well. I am keeping my fingers crossed for him as well as the other babies!!

And of course MANY
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I have him siting infront of a portable heater right now.

He has been perfectly healthy until today. He has always been the smaller of the rest of them but still ate just as much as the rest.
I haven't had any health issues with any of them except one of them has recently had an eye infection and is on meds for it. (not Lewis)
They have all eaten VERY well since I have had them.. so this is why I am concerned.
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The intense unexplained diarrhea worries the tar outta me.

You said you've recently switched them to dry....were they eating canned at all? Could a drastic food chance be causing the diarrhea?

The HS here has a virus that is in our facility & cages. We cannot get rid of it. Kittens get is, the diarrhea hits them, dehydrated, don't want to eat, then they die. I'm wondering if it's possible you brought home some sort of virus from the shelter there?
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I know.. I am scared that he has feline panluekopenia... as the severe and sudden diahrrea is a symptom.....

They have had dry available to them but none of them have eaten it. They have been on the smae brand of wet food since they started eating solids.. so I don't understand it.
And it just happened so fast.. like last night I let them out to run around free and he was climbing right up my leg.

But with kittens it is unpredictable.. they can get sick so easy and before you know it, there is nothing you can do for them.

There isn't anything really wrong with any of the cats at our erscue right now.. thank god. Last summer we also had a problem with vomiting and diahrrea there... but right now everything is very good.
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Try giving him dry food instead of wet as it has much less moisture (obviously ) I always notice if Ziggy has had more wet food than usual (smell as well as consistancy!!)


And More
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I am hoping & praying you didn't bring anything is so easy to do.
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Sending lots of vibes and prayers for Lewis.
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Okay... so I called another vet up... and there's not much more I can do that I am already doing. I biked up to my vets office and picked up some of that paste.. cna't remember what ti's called now.. left it upstairs.. Pec-something-or-other.. and, and a can of a/d to force into him..

I'm taking away their wet food now and they are going to have to eat the dry food moistened. As the vet figures the cause of the diahrrea is the food. But they've been eating it for weeks and have been fine.
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Did you by chance start feeding from a new case? Sometimes, even within the same brand, switching from one case of food to another can cause diarrhea. It did at the HS here once, finished a case of Science Diet a/d & started on another...all kitties on it got the runs!
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Adding my prayers and best healing thoughts for your sweet little Lewis and all of the kittens and cats in your care. Switching foods, even within the same type, can cause diarrhea in kittens AND cats; it's recommended to do the switch very gradually, adding a little of the new to the old over a period of days and increasing the new/decreasing the old until only the new is being offered. So that could be your culprit -- I'm hoping it is that. Hoping and praying you can get some veterinary assistance SOON.
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Yes.. I ran out of the one case and had to go get another.
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Lewis has passed away.

I made him a thread in the RB.
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I will close this thread. Lewis's crossing the bridge thread is here for those who wish to pay respects..
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