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Weepy Eye

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My 5 week old kitten Lola has a weepy eye.

The eye itself is okay, normal colour and that, but she gets a build-up of gunk around one eye, much more than the other kittens and Ziggy. The eye opens and closes normally, but because she has a white face the weeping is very obvious.

I'm bathing it in warm water with a washcloth at the moment, but what should I look out for if it's an infection? Do you think that she maight not be cleaning it properly herself?
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be sure to make sure you use a clean piece of cloth for each eye to avoid it spreading my parents always used funnily enough cold tea and it helped clean it up i have tried this a few times and it worked too. infection wise they usually go a nasty color yellow/green and the second eyelid will not go back if its badly infected
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I use a damp cotton bud for the 'mascara gloop' but have used a face cloth for the bad eye just to clean it off. It's a browny colour, but like I said, the eye itself seems normal
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it may be that she has some foreign body in her eye that is causing irritation and weeping . is she rubbing at it at all
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It could be she's allergic to something...dust, something in the carpet, etc. As long as the goop isn't a greenish-yellow, you're okay. Continue to clean out the goopies with a warm cloth.
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But it's only one eye...?

I think Shan is right, a foreign body, and I'm thinking that the likely suspect would be her eyebrow whiskers!!! She has one or two strays that appear to be bent down, probably from grooming. Or it could be her fur. I think out of the 4 kittens, she could well be a longhair
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Both of my girls suffer from seasonal allergies and are more prone to weepiness in one eye. If it's really, really bad both eyes are affected, but usually, just one eye. Maybe I have weird cats! LOL

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Sounds like she has, I'm not sure of the techniqual term, inverted eyelids. This can be very irritating. I had one once. Dogs such as pekes who have eyelids that roll in suffer from it & need surgery to fix it.
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I have a cat that I swear had a herpes eye infection. But it turned out it was a blocked tear duct. I would say that when you go in for shots/checkup ask the vet about it. If it spreads to the other eye, though, go in right away.
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