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Two cute pics

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Sissy giving Lucky some love.
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Oh how sweet. I love seeing cat and dog getting along. It makes my heart feel all warm
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Aww Sissy is a darling! Thanks for sharing the photos!
Its so adorable how shes snuggling with your pup So very cute!
Can't wait to see more photos of them!!
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Awww beautiful pictures. They are lovely.
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The first picture looks like Sissy's saying "I'm just giving the poor underling some love, don't think I'm going all soft on you!"
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how cute!!! my dog tolerates the cats, but I wish they would be friends like that!
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Oh what a sweet pair of pictures! Love it!
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Awww, how sweet is that!
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That is toooo cute. I love the look on Sissy's face in the 1st one.
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Awwww very sweet. Thanks for sharing your pics.
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I'll move this to the cats and other animals forum
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Is it me or is the cat bigger then the dog????
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Thank you all

She is not quite as big as Lucky, not too far off though.

She does that to my chow and my gsd too but not as often as she does with Lucky.
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looks like she's in control in your house!
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