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Jupey's still got a dodgy stomach

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Jupey's been having bouts of diarrhea since we adopted him at 3 months old (he's now 5 months). The vet put him on some medicine that would help settle his stomach and told us to feed him chicken for a couple of days, we then had to reintroduce his normal cat biscuits. He was fine for a while but now the diarrhea's come back and he farts a lot too which isn't very pleasant as he tends to do it when he's being cuddled or played with . He's fine in himself, looks healthy and he's eating and drinking normally. Is there a different type of food I could try that could settle his stomach? He's on Whiskas biscuits at the moment. Thanks for any advice!
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what test s have been done

was he fully wormed( 2or 3 times)??

what is he eating??
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We hope Jupey is going to be okay & hope hes feels better

Maybe you could try that Sweet Grass for cats. We just bought a package of those & we have some cat stomach issues far so good. Its worth a shot - even if you just grow the grass just because - it takes a few days to grow though. We figured it was worth a may or may not help.

Update us on how Jupey is doing!
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There are far better foods out there than Whiskas, I wonder if one of the ingredients isn't sitting well with Jupey. The problem is that I am not familiar with foods avaliable in the UK! I know there are other UK members here, hopefully one of them can offer some advice!
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Thanks for the replies. As far as I know he hasn't had any tests done, the vet just thinks he has a sensitive stomach, he hasn't recommended any food to us yet but Andy says there's some sensitive kitten food made by Purina. That's what he was researching while he was at work . He has been fully wormed, I did that as soon as I got him.

My mum is cooking chicken breasts for him which she's fetching over tomorrow morning and is going to look at the cat food when she does her shopping. Hopefully we'll find something and if not he's due at the vets to be neutered in the next couple of weeks.

If any UK members know of any decent cat food can you let me know!
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James Welbeloved
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We had a similar issue with one of our kittens, Oscar. He had a bit of a dodgy stomach from the day we got him, which we initially thought was caused by the change of food, but it turned out he had a bit of colitis, which we think was caused by worms. How many courses of worming treatment has Jupey had?

It took a tube of promax (probiotic which we got from the vet), a weeks course of antibiotics and cooked chicken diet (we're only just weaning him off the chicken) to settle his stomach down.

What do he poops look like? Are they gooey or liquidy? (lovely topic eh!) We noticed Oscar's were gooey and had a bit of mucus in, which aided in the diagnosis of colitis, which is apparently very common in kittens.

As for wet food, natures menu has 70% meat, but they only do chicken flavour in the kitten, that's around 5.70 for 12 pouches and Jollyes sell it. Ours weren't too keen on it though so we're stuck with 24 pouches of it with the kittens not liking it.

We thought it might be food as well, but we're integrating whiskas back into his diet and it doesn't seem to be affecting him in that way yet (fingers crossed).

As sharky said, James Wellbeloved is also a good food, and it's a complete dry food, they are naturally hypoallergenic, and we feed our two the ocean fish flavoured.

Anyway, I'm no expert and we were never 100% sure what caused Oscar's colitis, but I just thought I'd let you know all the information which I got, as it helped me a lot in diagnosing him in the first place.

Hope he gets better soon!
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Thanks for the reply!

Jupey's been wormed twice and needs doing again in October, his foster carers left it to us to sort his fleas and worming out...

Jupey was on a tube of probiotic stuff which seemed to help although it was a pain to give him, we ended up 'decorating' the computer with it .

His poos are kind of gooey, definitely not liquidy (wish I wasn't eating chocolate raisins while typing lol) and he's now back on fresh chicken which he's very happy about.

He's getting neutered on Friday so I'll see what the vet says then.
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Is there any mucus in the poop? (It's scary that I have spent so much time talking about cat poop in the past few weeks, that it seems kinda normal now )
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I don't think there's any mucus in his poo, I'll keep checking though...lovely.
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hehe the joys of cat ownership hey?!

Even if it is just a bit mucusy texture-wise, as opposed to runny, it can be a sign of colitis. I assume there are no traces of blood at all?
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No there's no blood.

Will the vet still neuter him on Friday, he's fine in every other way? I really want to get him done sooner rather than later!
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Jupey's at the vets now waiting to be neutered, he's been there all night and we miss him.

I'm going to be getting some new food this afternoon which will hopefully be better for both kitties, Jupey has more chicken to look forward to when he gets home, will he be able to go from that to the new food?
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as you would with any mix the new with chn for a few days ... but give him a few days to get thru surgery prior to changing
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Well he's home! We got him some James Wellbeloved biscuits (thanks Sharky) and some Natures Menu kitten meat. At the moment he's eating his roast chicken like he hasn't been fed for weeks! I'm just so glad to have him home!
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my kitties poop is mucusy.... what exaclty is this a sign of? i'm assuming he has colitis, my vet has him on Tylocine, an anti-diarrheal, and antibiotic, as well as she is now going to put him on FortiFlora.... does anyone have any suggestions about colitis? i have no clue what im looking at here.
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