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PLEASE help!

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Hi everyone! I just am sort of freaking out about my kitty and I need some advice.

I know the number one answer is to go check out any health questions with a vet but I am a seventeen year old who is unable to drive, who also has no money at the moment. My dad is not big on cat health care--prefers human health over cat health so convincing him to take my kitty to the vet for some random reason will probably result in a no answer. Plus she DID see the vet for a check up a few weeks ago and came out with a clean bill of health.

So I resulted to researching online but I have found various possible causes for my kitty's problem.

Now on to the problem LOL!

My kitty's lower lip has swelled up! She has a sort of thin white mark on the swelling..kind of what a canker sore looks like in a human mouth..something like that. It keeps getting bigger and bigger.

It has only been like this for maybe an hour now...I may just be overreacting but my last kitty passed away from renal failure and I *really* don't want to see my baby get sick so I'm being very protective over her !

I'm thinking because the onset has been so quick and sudden..maybe she bit her lower lip with her canines? Can cats do that?

The internet has said that it could be an allergic reaction but I don't think that is possible because she has not had problems before and nothing has changed in the past hour... I also got results about feline acne, feline herpes, feline eosinophilic granuloma (but this doesn't seem right since there are abscesses...)

I'm just freaking out because this is just really strange for my cat to suddenly have this weird problem. Can any of you please help me???
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PLEASE call a VET.. tell them the situation
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It could be a bite or sting from an insect or a spider. That was my first thought when you said it was very sudden. Can you call a vet and describe the problem? If the vet thinks your cats needs to be seen, maybe he or she could convince your dad.

Otherwise, I would just keep an eye on it - but if the swelling keeps getting worse, or if she seems to be in pain, or has trouble breathing, you would really need to get her to a vet immediately.
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My dad wont listen to me no matter what I say. He just gets angry and yells at me, tells me I'm overreacting and that there is nothing wrong with the cat.

I'm going to watch the swelling to see if it gets worse but to be honest, there is nothing I can do...

I'll call a vet tomorrow if the situation has not changed just to get advice because there is no way my dad will take my cat to a vet...he reluctantly took my old cat to an emergency hospital and that was only because his symptoms were blatantly getting worse very very fast. I think you are right about the insect bite momto3cats though. I'll keep an eye on her.

She is still playful and absolutely annoying because she is just begging for attention right now..she doesn't seem to be bothered at all by her lip.

I'm just really worried and it doesn't help that I know there is very little that I can do.

Thank you for the advice.
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All you can do is keep an eye on your pretty kitty...

It sounds like your cat is doing okay - like maybe it was just an insect bite. Watch the swelling...see if she is sensitive to you gently touching it. You can probably get away with not taking her to the vet, just watch her closely. And if she does get worse, your dad should understand why you would want to take her to the vet. She is a beautiful living thing after all

Good Luck! Update us on how your cat is doing & if the swelling is going down
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