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Stress & Booster = Soft Stool

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Hi there. My 9 week old kitten, Kink has been with us for almost 5 weeks now. He was separated in the bathroom (away from my two adult cats) for the first three weeks until I could get him tested for FIV and FeLV a week ago. He also received his first booster and shot for leukemia (which I never would have given him had I read some of these posts earlier...).

So anyway, this test and shot routine was done a week ago Saturday. The following Monday I started leaving him out with the big kids during the day and night. We had him out previously on supervised visits and everything seemed peachy.

I noticed on Wednesday/Thursday he started having loose stools - light brown in color. I'm attributing this to the newly added stress of being out of the bathroom and the booster shot. Could this be true?

It started to firm up but I'm a little worried. I did change his food at that time...he was on Wellness kitten and I slowly switched him to Merrick Turkey Dinner. I have been feeding him a different canned kitty food for two weeks at a time so he doesn't get picky like the others. Could this be upsetting him as well? Thanks!!!
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Stress can certainly cause an upset tummy. My guess is that all those stresses within a few days of each other were a little more than he could handle. If he's getting better, I wouldn't be too worried. Probiotics might help prevent this in the future if you give it before and after anything like a vet visit or change of food.
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Great idea. His poor little tummy must be doing flips. But he certainly doesn't act like he's down. Crazy little guy! Chasing around the other two now and it's hilarious. Thanks.
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have you given any probioitc??
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
have you given any probioitc??
Have not given any probiotic. But I will now. It's a good thing I have the wonderful people on this forum. Thank you. I have FortiFlora from the vet and probiotic capsules from a specialty pet store that I can put in his food. Any preference?
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try the vet stuff first
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Okay, thanks again for all your help!

I added some FortiFlora to Kink's dinner last night and he had a beautiful (well as beautiful as can be) BM. It was a good color and consistency. I added a little to his breakfast as well and his morning BM was ok. It was a good color, but a little softer than I'd like. But I'm not complaining because it's much better than it was two days ago. Of course he likes to cover it for about 3 minutes, stepping on it in the process, leaping from the box and tracking it behind him. Ewww.

But after I wiped up the floor and his little back paw, everything was good to go. Oh little Kinkster!
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