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For all the NASCAR fans....

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If NASCAR Drivers were Muppets?

Would Jeff Gordon be Kermit? (why are there so many songs about
Would Jimmy Spencer be Miss Piggy?
Would Kenny Wallace be Fozzie Bear?
Would Michael Waltrip be Gonzo?
Would Ward Burton be the Sweedish Chef?
Would Benny Parsons be Rizzo the Rat?
Would Bunsen & Beaker be Larry Mac and DW?
Would Tony Stewart be Animal?
Would Brett Bodine be the Boomarang Fish man?
Would Todd Bodine be Crazy Ernie?
Would Statler & Waldorf be the collective personality of NASCAR Fans in
Would Sam the Eagle be John Andretti?
Would Pepe be Christian Fittipaldi?
Would Scooter be Jamie McMurray?
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Where is Carla, the NASCAR girl herself!!!

Jeff24Girl where are you!! Everytime someone mentions NASCAR I think of Carla!

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Ha! Funny! I especially think that the Scooter/McMurray and the Sam/Andretti analogies are right on! (I just think Jeff is cuter than Kermit, but otherwise has the star quality )
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I am not a nascar fan so I dont get it. I am totally lost!
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Sorry Kellye! I know that there are a few NASCAR fans on the site (besides Carla ), even though some of them are closet fans and barely admit that they like it. It is still considered a Redneck pastime, even though it's the fastest growing sport in America.
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OH HEY!! I cannot believe I am a day behind on this!

I would like Jeffie Gordon to be OSCAR from Sesamee Street. I cannot STAND him! What a whiner! EEK!
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Oh, come on now Carrie. Oscar wasn't that bad. (I better be careful since Carla, aka Jeff24Girl is a friend of mine....) Actually, though, if you want a whiney muppet I think Elmo would be my choice.

If you want to talk whiney, though, I personally think Dale Jarret takes that trophy. The whole "I haven't won a race this year so the rules need to change" was a bit much (a few years ago).
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Dale didn't make the list.... ahhhhh

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LMAO! OH REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYY? Well, maybe you should turn your speakers up..jump on my website..and follow the NASCAR link! lol

We STILL want to race the truck!
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You know, Carrie, I could really open myself up and let you know that Tony Stewart is my favorite driver. Now why would I do that? LOL I probably shouldn't tell you that.
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Hmm..well...it could be worse..could be Jeff Gordon...but from what I hear...he can be just as arrogant!
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