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Hi I'm New here

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It looks like I found a wonderful site.A place I can read & talk about my favorite passion "Cats". I just joined yesterday and already made my first mistake. Looks like I wrote my first post in someone elses!! So here it goes again. I am owned by 2 kitties. My oldest is a 4 year old American short hair male named Indy after Indiana Jones, in Egypt. Our baby is a 6 month old Tonkinese platiumn blonde female named Isis, after the main goddess of Egypt. After my kitties Egypt is my second love.:egypt: So far Indy has not taken to Isis. A lot of hissing & growling that is only getting worse.Both are fixed.So any help send it my way

After raising 6 children I can now return to my first love,kitties! They are so spoiled!! I would love to have more but I don't think my hubby could take it, but you never know.

I am looking forward to spending a lot of "kitty time" here.

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you are going to here!!
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It sounds like you will fit right in. I think my husband said no more at 2 or 3. I think at one point we had 16 in the house. 9 own us though.
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Sounds like a Happy Home to me, the more the better! You can Never have to many kitties, just enough Love for them all.

Thanks for the advice about Indy, but he has always tried to get outside, not just since we got Isis.
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Thanks Airprincess, I love it here already

2 manxs kitties, They are such beautiful kitties, but big! Double the pleasure, double the fun :icecream:
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Welcome Logan:

My hubby always said "NO CATS" for years, but I finally broke him down and now we have 2. And sometimes I wonder who cares for them more, me or my hubby. They just can't help but grow on you.

Again welcome to the forum. I personally am new here as well and in 2 short days have learnt a lot and made alot of new friends.
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Welcome lisayi It sure is a great place. It's only been a few days for me to. Since I love kitties so much it's great to be with people who love them too
Some people just don't understand kitties or the people who are owned by them To bad, they don't know what they are missing.
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Logan.... I am glad you have found us here!!! Welcome!!! I think you will find that all us cat lovers also have big huge hearts and will help you with anything you need, cat related or not! Thanks for joining us!!
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Hello! I"ve just joined too and I'm posting in the wrong place also...I think! Sorry....but hello. It will be great to talk about my babies with such nice people.
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Dear Logan!!!

Welcome, welcome! It's so nice to see you here...and I'm very excited that you'll be a regular...that's great

Love &
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Welcome Bobcat. No, you posted in a good place. You could have started your own thread and you still can. We would love to hear about you and your babies.
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Welcome Bobcat! It's great to explore all the different threads There's always something new!
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