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Question of the Day - September 24th

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What is your neighborhood like? is it close-knit or do you not know anyone? Quiet or loud, small or large?

for mine, I live in a trailer park and I've lived there for 7 years and barely know anyone it's for the most part very quiet and I believe there are over 200 trailers there, so I'd consider that pretty large
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I have lived in my small neighborhood for about 2-1/2 years. I have had one conversation with the neighbor on my left, a few with the neighbor across from me and a few with the neighbor on my right. That's about it. We have tall hedges between our yard and the yards on the side of us. We do wave if any of our neighbors are outside when we drive by.
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My neighborhood is pretty small and spread out. There are only like 8 houses on our street, and that is on both sides. We live in the country.We are far apart too, almost all of us have at least 10 acres of land or more, we have 15, so we are surrounded by woods and can't see our neighbors. We do know most of them though because we go to church together.
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We live out in the country, so it's always very quiet. We have several neighbors but never really talk to any aside from one of them, except on rare occasions.
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I live in a quiet neighborhood, but a rather large subdivsion, there are 3 sections one that is gated...we don't live in the gated part...But our home is on a cul-de-sac off a cul-de-sac so it's quiet, and I have 2 very good friends on the street and a neighbor across the street that's always borrowing stuff
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I love our neighborhood in our complex. Its about 20 buildings and its all retired folks or couples just starting out with small children. Its VERY family friendly & everyone is just amazing I can't wait until all the work is done on the buildings from the flood so we can get back in there, I miss everyone!
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Our neighborhood is fairly large & quiet most of the time

Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves. We do know our neighbors though, on one side a cute old couple who come over to chat occasionally & let us borrow their snowblower & things of that nature. On the other side, a younger couple who are not respectful of people...Other then that, its good here
Although if we could move right now - we totally would!
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We are rural so for the most part its quiet.....and I know my neighbors but dont speak to them on a regular basis.
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I live on a small quiet housing estate in a cul-de-sac where there are about 9 houses in it. On our side were not overlooked by other houses at the back because it's lined with tall trees.

The neighbours are so friendly, and one of them cuts my front lawn when he does his

I love it!!!!
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We live in a pretty large neighborhood. Our house faces the main highway and there is a subdivision behind us. When we first moved out here 14 years ago, everybody was pretty friendly, but somehow over the years things have changed, everybody keeps to themselves, we don't bother anyone and they don't bother us!! There are people on that street that I have no idea who they are. For the most part, it is always quiet.
post #11 of 26 to describe, good place, everyone has his own space I mean, is not a private street, but is a tranquil place the majority of times.......Next to my home exist a bussiness of Child partys, sometimes is noisy but not at all, and the bother is the cars that usually ocupies the stret... but not daily are events......I love early morning the chirps of the birds from our trees and from the neighbors....If I talked with they?...yes sometimes, at Least I to know they and they are nice persons too...
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Perhaps a bit like Paulena. My grandparents moved here about 1930 and the nearest neighbor was a half mile away. More and more houses have been built since. Even more so since the 1990s.

We only know the neighbor to the south and a few others as the rest have died or moved to smaller houses. Mom has lived here most of her almost 80 years. I've lived here since birth.

The neighbor to the south likes Mom because she wouldn't sell out to a developer and that let him buy the house at a good price. He grew up in the nieghborhood. Sis sometimes babysat him. (Said he was a brat. )
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I live in a 55+ community. There are 301 homes in the Co-op, but things are really quiet, because all of our roads are private. I know my neighbors a bit, but not too well.
The two men who live on one side have the most magnificent landscaping - they should be on a local garden tour! The folks across the street from me will soon leave for Fla. for the winter - and I think that I am one of the youngest homeowners in the community!
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I live on a gravel road by many horse farms. I have an acre of land and neighbors on all sides. It is very quiet.
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I live in a trailer park also. DH has been here about 6 1/2 years now. I've been here 4. We know 3 of our neighbors by name and others by the sight of their children. It's deffinately LOUD here. It's a medium size neighborhood I'd say. Maybe 75 homes at the very most, but it's technically 2 parks combined. I can't wait to move!!!!
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We live at the back of a rather large subdivision, it is pretty quiet, except when the kid around the corner blares thru with his radio. I know my neighbors on both sides and we talk at least once a week if not more. Know most of the others on our street, but we only wave.
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We live in a small town (about 2500 people). Its pretty quiet for most of the town. We know a few neighbors, but 1/2 of them don't seem to be home very often. At least in our immediate area (a few houses in all directions we don't have many kids.

And we do live across the middle/high school, but the kids are bussed in there and we rarely even see them outside hanging around. They get on the bus and go
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Our neighborhood is medium sized, your typical suburbian neighborhood i suppose. It's pretty quiet. There are TONS of city employees that live around here. (Me, Colin, our next door neighbour is one of the K-9 officers that works with Colin, my crew leader at the shelter lives a street over from me, and there are 3 other officers that live in our neighborhood,etc) I like that we have soo many cops that live around here (they're good ones)- it keeps the neighbohood nice and there's not really any crime at all.

It's pretty quiet here, even though our house is literally in the "backyard" of an elementry school- the kids are soo well behaved and never get rowdy or loud, so we don't have a problem at all. It's pretty peaceful. Everyone keeps to themselves as far as our neighbors go, so i don't really know a lot of the neighbors, but i do know the ones right near our house. I like our neighborhood.
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I live in the country. My neighbor's dislike me because of my Macey. I know them, but they live 1/2 mile+ away. Rarely see them. Guess I don't much care!
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I live on a pretty busy street in a town of 40,000. I have lived in this house for 18 years. I've met my neighbors on the west, and say hello to them when I see them, but we're not that well aquainted. My neighbors on the east side of me are practically like family! They are really sweet people....I couldn't have hand picked better neighbors. They also are really good friends with my parents. My dad and Keith (my neighbor) like to do guy stuff together, like work on Keith's truck and lawn mower. I hire Keith to do odd jobs around my house, like mow my lawn and clean out my eves. He also helps my parents by doing odd jobs. Keith's wife was diagnosed this past winter with MS and isn't doing very well. I worry about them alot.
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I live on a busy street in downtown Toronto in an area called the Annex. It's constant cars honking and sirens blaring. I'm used to it though as I've been a city boy most of my life. I know the other people who live in my building and a few people in the building next door but that's it.
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I live in a small neighborhood with about 25 houses A road that ends in a culd de sac and you go back out again.

Its a friendly neighborhood that has several gatherings a year, but I am new here and dont know many neighbors, but there is a lady 3 houses down that I enjoy her company.

Jim on the other hand knows everyone, what they do, how long they have lived here (and much more!) and Im sure everyone knows everything about us from Jim.
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I live in a medium size town on a dead in street (which is very nice). We have about 8 houses on each side of the street. I know my neighbors but we don't hang out together. When I'm home, I don't want to be bothered.
The street is very quiet, kids are well behaved, and no traffic!
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I live in a medium sized neighborhood. It's pretty quiet and I know a few people.
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I live in a very quiet neighborhood not far from the town center. Although I have only lived at my currant apartment for 2 years I have lived in the same town all my life. So I know my neighbors very well, it's a small town so I went to school with many of the people I see everyday.
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We live in what is considered a bad neighborhood in's a 4 plex of older small apartments & for the most part we get along with our neighbors & look out for each other. Sometimes we party with the neighbors on the end to our left(west) The guy on our other side turned out to be a jerk, but his dog is very sweet & there is an interracial couple on the easternmost end & they are pretty nice-she just had a baby, I think. She is from the Dominican Republic. On the other side of the yard we have a 3 plex with some nice younger people on one end, an oler lady in the middle, & a new girl with alot of stuff on the end. We haven't talked to her yet, never even see her, & compared to some of the trouble we've dealt with before, that's a good thing.
It's cheap to live here, so we've stayed & I've been able to save some good money, Mike almost has his car paid off but we are so ready to move. All it takes is finding a big place with washer dryer hookups that will take our cats & we're outa here.
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