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i know its been talking about. but whats the best way to help with hairballs??

I have put Sace ( birman) on a hairball formula food, both wet and dry, and give him treats to help with hairballs, but he still gets them!!! not as often, but he is getting them,and there not small.

I tried to groom him, and after about 10 seconds, he growls and tries to bite!!! i value my fingers, so i dont push the issue. i've tried giving him treats during grooming, but that only buys me a extra 5 seconds.
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You can also give him a laxative a few times a week. I am currently using the brand Lax'aire. I just put a small strip on the roof of my cats mouth twice a week.
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I use Laxatone for my long haired kitty. It helps move the hair out of their systems. You can get it at Petco and Petsmart. I buy the regular flavor which she licks right off my finger. It's malt flavored. I think they also make a tuna flavored one. Under the vet's direction, I'm giving it every day. Otherwise, just follow the instructions.

Have you tried the zoom groom for brushing your kitty? You might have to start out slowly with it, but mine gets so excited now when I bring it out. She loves it and so does my short haired cat. They both hated to be brushed before the zoom groom. Hope that helps.
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