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Daily Thread Monday 24 September

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Hello everyone.

A hot day with a little rain.

Just got my printer back woohoo, hopefully it works again. They give me a three month guarantee for the parts this time. I am not 100% but understand that something went wrong with the circuit board. The didn't say whether or not it was caused by water damage, So I just assume it was.

Realised today that Ryu is coming of age, real fast. He is about 6mths old + or - so that means he needs to visit Dr Scalpel too. (thats the vet) more stinking bills.

Have a great day all.
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good morning

today is another beautiful warm fall day. Too bad I'll spend it inside, working.

Tonight I might have to spend the evening at a library, reading, because I don't have a library card for that university and I really need to read that book.
I'm not going back to school until next September, but I need to work on my grad school application. The applications for government funding are due in late October so I need to have an idea of what I want to research before then. Yikes!
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Good Morning!! It is fall finally!!! I am so happy it will be cooling down soon. My weekend was great, got a lot done! Today I'm back to school for 10 hours!! Ugh, oh well, every day I get closer to that degree!
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Morning All.

Another gorgeous autumn day here. The leaves really turned quickly over the weekend due to the frost we had Friday Morning.

Typical Monday for me did some laundry this morning and am heading off to work shortly.

The kitties are bird and chipmunk watching right now. We have tons of both out at the feeders. I sure hope those little chipmunks can remember where they are hiding all this food..

Everyone have a good one.
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And we have a gorgeous New England day here, as well! I think that we are supposed to get some hot weather over the next few days - but what we really need is some rain!
Left the kids at home - no doubt plotting how to best destroy the house while I am gone! Cosmo turned 6 months old yesterday. And he is getting to be so big! Sophie is finally playing with him - phew!
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Hot, but will cool down in the next couple of days. Even expecting rain!

Uncle and cousin are here putting in a new bathroom floor and toilet. Good news, but only knew they were going to do it yesterday! Anyway, hanging out here until I need to go to sister's house and use her toilet.

Poor Aristotle is cowering in Mom's room and Topaz is mildly annoyed at the noise.
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Ack to Mondays!! Back to the work/school week and I have lots of typing to do that is NOT in my job description. Lots of studying when I get home tonight, I take the LSAT on Saturday. I'm ready but not ready. I hate that one test will determine my future
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Not much going on for me today. Monday, so back to work.

Raven had a better morning than yesterday and ate more. Yesterday he was kind of sore, so I'm hoping his day stayed better than yesterday. Once the weather cools off again (tomorrow) we'll probably see improvement again.

I think I have to dump one of the cat boxes tonight. And plan to watch CBS premiere night. That's about all.
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Afternoon all! (I don't do mornings)

Gotta work at 4PM. Blech. E-mails back & forth...hopefully rescues will be pulling some kittens from the HS here!
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We are having a unseasonably warm day today. Its currently 85F where normal high is 6F.
Rain though tonite and tomorrow which is a good thing as I finished planting the lawn that was all torn up from the stump removal process (and got stung again).

Its stuffed shells for dinner tonite and I better start on the sauce pretty soon.

Nothing else too exciting today.
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I'm sitting at school (college), waiting for class to start. I really am not a fan of mondays, but only because I devote mondays to everything but me. And for this hour I'm devoting myself to TCS! Then after school I'm off to volunteer!
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Wow, just can't get off this site to work! ahhh...too addicting...can't pull myself away...

Today is beautiful - the sun is shining without a cloud in the sky...these warmer days are probably some of the last ones before the many feet of snow comes our way...shouldn't be too long before everything up here is covered in a white blanket.

We are having stuffed shells tonight - good for the belly! YUMMY!
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It is tuesday here But I will post here anyway.

Hubby has gone to work and my son has gone to his kiwisports school holiday programme so I am all alone. Now what to do with my time? I just joined club pogo and oh my goodness, there are too many games to play and I ended up playing all day yesterday!

Today I need to work though my systematic biology stuff for the test in a couple of weeks.
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WE HAVE A NEW POTTY!!!!!! They finished up about 2:30PM - and I was first to christen it.
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good evening! I have 25 minutes left to post this in the daily thread

Our internet access is back up (obviously). We were with one company and the speed was horrible, we received a different phone number from the one they gave us (and then said that the # was in use, even though you just got a "disconnected" signal).

Finally the original bundled service wouldn't come out until we had our landlord sign a piece of paper stating that we were allowed to drill onto the house. So I canned that bundled service and went with a different one. So far it's great!!!
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Evening all!

I spent most of my day at work. While I was there I had a really nasty Vertigo spell and felt just horrid all day long. (i have to take medicine every 8 hours to keep my Vertigo under control- i have it pretty bad.) When I got off work though it was a bit better.

A big of great news today- my FAVORITE shelter doggie, Nila got adopted!!!!

After work, I came home to let the dogs out and then went to my sister's house to pick up my niece. My niece and I went to our local aquarium store to look at the fish (i am planning on getting another tank soon so i was just browsing and planning ahead) and then went back to my sisters house and had some dinner. When I was done with that I came home and took a nice long bath (Fosters tried to jump into the tub) Now i'm just hanging around a bit trying to unwind before bed.)
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