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Lost cat, found - acting really strange

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Okay, we took in a very very sweet stray cat(unspayed) 3 months ago. Once she trusted us she became a MAJOR lover and wouldn't ever dream of hissing/clawing you. we didn't let her out because of her being unspayed and her currently un-prego status().

4 weeks ago when my sister was moving back home, in the chaos she got scared and somehow snuck out between furniture moves and she went missing. We were really devastated, mainly because she was still unspayed(app. set up and then she disappeared) with no shots and she was obviously going to end up getting pregnant. I put up signs around the neighborhoods, put a lost ad on petfinder too. Well today my friends neighbor came by asking if anybody owned this stray cat she'd had for 3 weeks. It just so happened to be, MY cat! I was sooo happy, so now she's home! we've taken her and kept her as an indoor cat yet again.

She seemed fine to me, but now she doesn't. She's acting very strange, she's sleeping a L O T, and eating like an absolute pig. she's pretty round(can we say, un-pregnant status ruined? yes, we can) and got hairy because the cold nights, but there is something very different about her. If you pet her back she hollows out and tries to get away from your touch, when she used to purr and get all lovey-dovey, not so anymore.

while she was eating(not food agressive) I was petting her, and when I got to her spine near the beginning of the top of her back legs, she started growling and shied away. I touched it again to see if she had been hurt and she didn't act phased.

She is doing a lot of growling at things too, even things that aren't there. I've been pampering her to my best efforts but nothings changing her behavior. Sometimes she seems content, but most of the time she's moody and just LOOKS very unhappy.

Any ideas as to what this could be/how I can cheer her up? I'm hoping maybe she's just a little weary from not having seen us in a while and she'll warm up soon, but I don't know!
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First thing - she should see the vet, because who knows what she got into while she was gone, and being round could even be about parasites, whether or not she's pregnant. As far as her personality goes, she's no longer a kitten, no longer (unfortunately) as trusting, etc., and sounds now to be more like a lot of female cats - look but don't touch. Are you really sure that she is yours?
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absolutely positive she is mine, she has the SAME nose marking and same scar on her right back leg that is unique(looks like a lightning bolt), same meow. everything, she's definitely mine.

We'll make an app. for her to go to the vet then, I didn't think about parasites

She seems better this morning, she came and laid on my lap and purred and fell asleep on my chest. Maybe she was just a bit weary again..she's still sleeping a LOT though
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Do you know if she is pregnant? If she is that could be the cause of the changing attitude. They go through mood changes while pregnant.

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Yep we're positive she's pregnant, and that makes a lot of sense about getting mood swings, pregnant people get mood swings, why not kitties?

She's probably about a month pregnant then..darn it
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