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So yesterday morning I bought a little can of KMR. I am almost out, is it ok to switch them to something different? and also which is better, liquid or powder? And also.....what is the best brand? Is Just Born any good??

This is my first time bottle feeding babies so I have tons of questions!
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The only difference from the liquid formula and the powedered is that I think the liquid is a bit stronger. I've been recommended to use that often on kittens that were younger or more underweight.
Also the powdered is good for a long time if kept in the fridge, unmade. Where as the liquid is good for 24 hours after you open the tin.

I prefer the powder as it is cheaper and lasts longer.

And I don't think there should be a difference from the KMR to the Just Born... I've never used Just Born myself.. as they only sell it in one petstore here and it's really $$.

I go to Petsmart and get a large tin of powdered KMR for $23 (canadian, probably cheaper in the us) or so.
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There is a lot of good information on this site.

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I used the powdered bc that's all the produce store had. I used to mix up enough to last a day.
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I ran out of powder once and gave the kittens the liquid for 1 day and they got horrible runs, stinky poo, and didn't like it at all. It's a completely different mixture then the powder.

If you want to by KMR I highly recommend buying it from www.jefferspet.com. You can get a large, 28oz container for just $22(shipping is $6, not matter what/how much you get). If you buy it at the petstore it will cost you about $50! Oh yeah, and shipping only takes about 3 days.
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I use both the Just born and KMR, and my kittys didn't seem to mind. The liquid is stronger (thicker though). I prefer the powder, as it does last longer. Just make sure it is mixed well....

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