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Kitten not using the restroom

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My kitty ace, who I recieved Friday night, has not emiminated at all. (She will be 8 weeks old this upcoming tuesday.) It's now sunday night and I don't know what to do! I have checked all around the house - pulled out couches, chairs, even my bed. Unsucesfully, I have found nothing... not even the litterbox. I'm starting to worry that she will get an infection. I don't make a whole lot of money, but I am very willing to put myself in debt for this cat. I love her dearly and even though I have had her for only a few days now, the thought of losing her is unbarable. Please help. All of your responces are very much appriciated.

-worried parent.
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At 8 weeks she should be able to pee on her own... but have you tried a warm wet wash cloth? Gently wiping over her, like a mother cat would lick the kitten down there, might stimulate her to pee.

It still may be likely that she peed somewhere and you haven't found it yet. Little kittens can be sneaky.

If she doesn't go soon you should get her to a vet.
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1) i tried the warm wet wash cloth idea... nothing... i set her in her in her litter box a few times... she finally stoped from just jumping right out and started digging... then I thought that she was going to do the deed... but nothing she just jumped right out again.
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How is your kitten?
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Wow! My cat doesn't use the restroom either! But she does use the litterbox.


Sorry, just feeling funny this morning. Have you tried cat attract for the litter? I've heard great things about it. Maybe she just doesn't like the location or the litter. Perhaps it's too high or too small for her. It could be a hundred things. Don't give up!
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Confine the cat to a small room, bathroom, laundry room, etc until you can confirm she is going or not. A young kitten shouldn't have so much free space to run around in. The tend to forget or not make it to the litterbox. I bet she has been going in your home somewhere. One tiny kitten doesn't produce that much pee and it won't smell as bad as an adult. So you might not notice yet.
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How is your kitty??

I agree with Jen. Confine your kitten to a smaller area. She is probabaly going somewhere, you are just not finding it.
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