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Transition to dry?

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6 of the 11 foster kittens are 5-6 weeks old... they are well old enough to be eating dry food. But they won't eat it. I have 3 bowls sitting out 24/7 for them.. but they won't touch it.

I have the Royal Canin BabyCat, Performatrin's Kitten, and even some Meow Mix.. but they don't want anything.
It will be a lot easier on me time wise and cash wish if they start eating dry, as I am going through a large tin and sometimes a half a large tin a day just on those 6 little guys. And it's not cheap food.

Is there anything I can do to entice them along?
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Are you moistening it?

I usually moisten it with their formula, & then swab a bit of the mushy dry on the roof of their mouths. Or else I mix their canned in...perhaps put the dry on top of the canned they eat.
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Add some warm water or a warm mix of KMR with water to soften it. Over the next few weeks they will get more interested in mostly dry.
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