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Chaos has a wound on his neck from scratching

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Chaos has been battling fleas and I guess the worst place is on his neck. Well he's been scratching and scratching one spot in particular and it was a little scratched open but it's been getting worse and worse and you can actually see the wound now without even trying to find it.

I took him to the vet they suggested we use the cone around the head but it sits right on the wound and rubs on it and I think made it worse. We tried guaze and he wasn't keeping that on. I've been washing it daily but I don't know what else to do, either does the vet. It's not infected we just can't get him to stop scratching that one area.

Anyone have any suggestions? If I catch him I will make him stop but I can't always catch him. It's not bleeding just he scratched all his fur off and you can see his skin. There was a little bit of an opening on the wound but that's closing up now. He's still acting the same too.
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Have you tried using part of an old slightly stretched out sock? Cut the top part (with the elastic) off the sock so that it's about the size of a wide collar - 1 1/2" to 2". Gauze and medicine on the neck over the wound, then slip the stretchy sock collar over. Add e-collar.

That may work for when you're not able to watch him quite so closely. The wound will need some time to air out though, so you'll need to have that off for a few hours a day - when you can keep a very very close eye on him.

I assume the vet treated him for fleas and possible flea allergy to stop the itching?
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Trim his nails if you haven't already. That way they are not as sharp and they can't damage the skin as easily.
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Our vet didn't really do anything but say "yeah he needs to stop scratching that so you'll need to put a cone on his head." I treated him here at home with the frontline plus and gave him a flea bath but our vet didn't tell us to do anything or give us anything. I'll try the sock idea too.

I did trim his nails just recently too I think it was Thursday that I did it so I'll take a look and do them again.
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