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Oh, I`m glad our cats can`t read this. I would be in so much trouble!

Kitty`s Pro`s:
Likes to cuddle up on sofa and in bed. Gorgeous to look at. Waits for me to get ready for bed before he climbs up. Very gentle when taking food from my fingers. My best friend...

Con`s: Kitty hates Maisie being here so he isn`t doing much of the above at the moment Bolts his food so vomits quite a bit and has sensitive stomach. He`s quite a bolshy boy.

Maisie`s Pro`s:
Always pleased to see me. Loves to lay on me and sleep. No interest in going outside. Loves to be groomed twice a day Sometimes enjoys tummy rubs I don`t dare do that to Kitty!

Con`s: She will bite if your not careful and will claw you by accident when stretching/playing. Feeding her by hand is scary! I nearly lost my thumb
Sometimes she um, well, leaves a bit of plop on the carpet because she got it stuck in her fur.
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These are hilarious guys!

Pros: not a mean bone in her body, lap cat, very loving, likes to "kiss" meowmy, washes Chevy's face, loves to watch birds, well mannered, and "answers" appropriately.
Cons: wakes me up in the early hours of the AM, chews on thicker plastic bags, eats part of mail envelopes.

Pros: playful, plays fetch, follows me everywhere, plays in tub, loves "da bird", ALWAYS comes when called
Cons: he's SASSY, he talks back when scolded and bats at you, only likes to love you for a few seconds, plays too aggressively towards Summer, plays in the bathtub with a human in it, plays too hard and doesn't slow down
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Actually both of my guys are pretty good and I can't really think of anything that they do that I would change.
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Originally Posted by sofiecusion View Post
These are hilarious guys!

Cons: wakes me up in the early hours of the AM, chews on thicker plastic bags, eats part of mail envelopes.
ah thanks for reminding me. she will chomp and spit out the edges of paper. she even chomped on the deed to the house, all paper MUST be put away. But I confess this is a rather endearing con.

This is a great thread by the way
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ok, here we go
Pros: is a very sweet little girl, cute as button, and loves her Meowmy
Cons: does not clean herself well and her fur is always nappy takes a long time to accept another cat
Pros: gorgeous cat, always greets me right by the door with a smile, knows her name and will actually answer to it
Cons: does not like to move when instructed to do so likes to scratch the couch
Pros: loves to talk, loves to snuggle and she's beautiful!
Cons: almost solid white and sheds like crazy
Pros: her meow sounds like "Ma! Ma! Ma!" makes me laugh almost everyday
Cons: is my scaredy cat and hides if someone's over, likes to stick her claws in me, enjoys sitting on the other cats to get them to move
Pros: very sweet kitty, very quiet
Cons: hides all the time
Pros: is the most gorgeous cat I've ever seen, gives kisses, has white fur but doesn't shed! love to snuggle with me
Cons: is very bosy and vengeful, will bulldoze her way to where she wants to be
Pros: an adorable little boy, will talk to me and he smiles too
Cons: did not make a good impression upon entering the home, now everyone hates him, is afraid of me cause there was a lot of yelling during the Hades vs Po war
Pros: this cat loves me with every fiber of her being
Cons: well, let's say Circe is my pest and constantly wants attention- if I'm giving another cat attention she tried to get in the middle, she's always underfoot, and freaks me out with her staring
Pros: very quiet, very sweet little girl, fur feels like velvet
Cons: she used to like to door dash
Pros: this cat is my main squeeze, he loves to snuggle and will repsond to a look from me, I cannot express how much this cat fills my heart
Cons; he likes to snuggle as close to my face as possible which drives my allergies nuts. He attacks my legs when I walk down the hall
Pros: loves the other cats and wants to be friends with everyone! has an adorable little chirpy meow, adores being petted
Cons: sometimes can get a little rough with the other cats, drools like a faucet
Pros: a total lovebug, purrs like a motorboat and is adorable to boot!
Cons: not the brightest crayon, another couch scratcher, kneads incessantly and is a bad beggar
Pros: accepted me as his Meowmy from the very first second I held him, cute as all get out, plays with Hades to burn some of that energy also can entertain himself
Cons: I haven't found one yet!!
Apollo & Ahprodite
Pros: they are gorgeous kitties! from Eileen's reports they are full of personality
Cons: they're not home yet!!!
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Originally Posted by Abigail View Post
This is a great thread by the way
Thanks! I didn't think it would turn out this well!
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Cons - fraidy cat, terrorized my Shepherd for the first year (used to get a real kick out of herding him around the room...oh the irony)

Pros - sweet, affectionate & playful in her own way, lady-like, understands the word "no", and gorgeous


Cons - suffers from bull-in-a-china-shop syndrome, doesn't let me sleep, kneads my scalp (owww!), likes to pee in the dog's water bowl, busy/nosy body always looking for something to get into, chews up my shoelace tips, does not understand the concept of personal space, looks at me when I say "no" but does not stop the mischeif until he sees me getting up, decides he needs to crawl up by my ear and purr like a lawn mower at 4am, likes to sleep on my face, like to play in the toilet bowl...then sleep on my face...

Pros - see above (he keeps it interesting & I wouldn't have it any other way! )
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Pros- Loves to curl up on your lap, talks to you, loves belly rubs, is very kind and not at all vicious
Cons- fraidy cat (he was like that ever since we adopted him), LOVES to claw laps when happy and the furniture (he's getting better), meows the house down when he wants something, prefers running tap water over bowls, sheds white fur all over the place!

Pros- finally is a cuddly cat after a year of being with us, waits on the bed till someone gets home
Cons- doesn't eat her food when given, she waits till no ones looking, weaves in and out of your legs early in the morning to trip you up for food, scratches the door frame even when she knows the cat flap is right there
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Pros: Very sweet...Never bites or scratches. Cuddles in the morning and sometimes likes to "talk" and tell me how her day went. She's super smart and can sound like a pigeon lol. Oh, and most of all, she puts up with me. She thinks her mommy is crazy, especially when I babytalk. She gives me the "grumpy face" and it's too cute! Oooh and she has no tail!

Cons: She snores and sometimes sounds like some sort of weird gremlin. She is a bit skittish and very, very shy with strangers. If there is a stranger, she hides under the bed which is ok and all, but sometimes I like to show her off and make her socialize. I got her from a rescue a few months ago and I think that her prior owners treated her real bad. She was declawed and she has a broken canine and sometimes acts like she's going to get hit and runs away. I'm seeing a change now though as she is really starting to trust that I'm not going to hit her like that now. Oh, and her eye leaks LOL. She tears up a little too much in her right eye when she's stressed. I always have to wipe it off and it gets annoying.
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