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Your cat's pros and cons

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I'm curious to see what everyone thinks of their cat(s). Everyone's purrsonalities are so different, it'll be interesting to hear what everyone's are.

I'll go first.
Pros - Lap cat, big fluffy love ball, attention seeker, carries his toys everywhere, plays fetch, comes when called, door greeter.
Cons - Litter box digger, brings his toys to bed, sucks on my fleece blanket, scared silly of the vacumm and strangers.

Pros - Talkative, the pouncer, friendly to everyone, Meowmy's little girl, very playful, sleeps next to Meowmy, adventurous climber, the brave one.
Cons - Still sucking her belly, gnaws our toes under the sheets, lays on our necks at night, bath time demon, claw trimming demon.
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Layla is very sweet and affectionate, oh and smart as a whip!!! She is also beauiful!

But.... she is ferosious, she bites and scratches and shreds any scrap of paper she can find, important reciepts,money, etc. She is also ridiulously hyper and like to nibble on my toes to wake me up!
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My cats have no cons......
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Pros-low maintenance
Cons-white fur shows up like crazy, not cuddly, peed over the edges of most LBs, crabby, & always in the way
cons-a bear to clip her nails, scratches where she shouldn't
Pros-the snuggliest cat I've ever met
Cons-always sick/contagious, underfoot
Pros-he's dumb, loves everyone
Cons-he's got snotty eyes/nose, and he licks, all the time!
Ophelia Rose
Pros-you can pet her
Cons-she randomly attacks people, hates female cats, is marginally aggressive towards male cats, occaisonally marks

You know, I had a hard time of thinking up Pros for them all, but I could never trade any of them for the world!!
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Am I extremely bias if I can't really think of a con for either?
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Pros - quiet, low maintenence
Cons - jumps up on everything

Pros - loves to be brushed, playful, loves to purr
Cons - talkative, doesn't like treats

Pros - loves my mom, loves the laser
Cons - gets too many mats in his hair, heart murmur, scaredy cat

Pros - quiet, playful
Cons - bossy, thinks she owns the living room
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Now I love my kitties more than anything, but they still have their cons to me!

Pros- Very cute, has ninja skills, makes a very cool happy noise, loves to rub on me
Cons- Can be a bit evil... knows how to open most of the doors in the house, and likes to attack toes

Pros- Always a lover, sleeps with me most nights, always happy to see me
Cons - White fur... not fun! Likes to not use the litterbox... has one claw, and prefers to drink water from the glass on my nightstand

Pros- Cuddly, Laid back, makes a great heating pad, and doesnt shed much
Cons- Overweight... likes to try to trip me going down stairs, very bossy at food time
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I love my babies to death but Clammy girl has more cons then pros.

Pros= She's very sweet and cuddly when she wants to be and shes really pretty. She loves the kittens sometimes
Cons=She bites, scratches, slaps the other cats. Shes also really loud in a bad way! She growls and yowls alot.

Pros= Is the sweetest cat ever! She loves to snuggle but isnt to in your face about it, isnt to loud, loves everyone and everything she meets. She loves Ari and she loves all the kittens. She lets them all suck on her even though she hasnt had milk in months! She's just so gentle with everyone!
Cons= She sometimes growls when I clip her nails. LOL
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We love our cats to death like children.
I don't think anyone is biased to have no cons IMO.
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Pros - Lap cat, big fluffy love ball, attention seeker, gives nose kisses, taps my leg to let me know she's there and wanting to be picked up. She's 15 years and still has kitten moments

Cons - Lap cat, big fluffy love ball, attention seeker, gives nose kisses, taps my leg to let me know she's there and wanting to be picked up, AND wants to be carried 24/7 with the exception of time to eat, drink and use the litter box. Is a shoveller when it comes to using the litter box.

Pros - Talkative, loves to play, cuddles but on her own terms which means that she will come and lay next to me, but won't let me pick her up to cuddle her..or at least not usually.

Cons - Has to have me in her line of sight, no matter where in the apartment I am. Doesn't like to get her paws dirty and in her attempt to perch on the corner of the litter box with 3 or 4 of her paws, often forgets to turn around once in the box and ends up peeing over the edge. It makes litter box scooping quite the chore because I have to wash plastic mats everyday too.
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Zoey s only con is her semi feral traits( hates to be held and limits areas of petting) ... I truly think had she had a good start in this world she would be the best cat ever .. She DOES NOT bite or scratch (purposely) ... she sits stays comes on command , get down and stay down need work/// She has just realized a lap or a sleeping human can be layed on
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Pros-She is seldom underfoot, is not a picky eater, she is beautiful. She loves to give kisses when she snuggles.
Cons-She hates all other cats, when she wants to be petted, she wants it NOW, and on her terms. Lately she has started demanding that I pick her up and hold her while I am trying to get ready for work, and has a fit if I put her down before SHE is ready to be put down. I sometimes have to change because I wear a lot of black and she is a solid white cat that sheds madly. I love that she is finally being cuddly again, but in the evening would be nice.
Pros-She is a sweet, gentle girl. This is a good thing because she is a big, stocky, not fat, cat that could really do some damage if she wanted to. She loves all the other cats and has tried numerous times to befriend Pearl. Even though she has gotten slapped for her effort, she does not hurt Pearl, who is much smaller, and could easily have her little butt whipped. She is trying to potty train herself. She loves to be cuddled to sleep. She has the cutest chubby toes.
Cons-She gets frustrated and pees on stuff if she does hit the toilet. It has made me more careful about leaving stuff on the floor. The vet has given her a clean bill of health, so we are pretty sure it is a behavioral problem. She has peed in my purse twice. She meows loudly for no apparent reason at no particular time. She gets on antique desk, and will NOT stop, no matter what I do. Now the others do it, too. She has scratched up my couch and the cover I got for it. Good thing we don't care about our couch as much as we love her.
I will tell about Scooter and Fluffy when I am more awake, and not PUI.
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My cat:

Pros - sweet,
loves everyone,
good eater never picky,
uses litterbox,
loves dogs,
purrs all the time,
doesn't tear things up that aren't hers with her claws (except paper),
doesn't mind grooming,
never scared about anything,
loves toys,
loves to play,
she is a lot of fun to play laser and fishing pole toys with,
loves attention,
did I mention suuuper sweet and cuddly?

Cons - meows loudly and in your face when she wants to eat and you haven't fed her right on schedule, she will drive you crazy until you feed her promptly (she is training me!)
Tears up blinds
Sometimes meows ON you when you are sleeping and she wants you up to play,
Likes to knock things over and off of tables, fire places and shelves,
Likes to eat/tear up paper,
Gets on counters and table tops occassionally ( I have well trained dogs but for the life of me I can't train the cat..),
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Some people's cons are funny.

Pros: He's gentle. Well behaved at the vet. Would gladly be a mother cat if he could be . Doesn't get into stuff (that's put where if should be). Doesn't chew on things. Always uses the litter box. Lets me bathe him - no struggle at all. Never fusses about nail trimming. Likes being brushed (a little too much actually), and tolerates being "picked on" rather well. Comes when called. Likes to annoy DH.

Cons: It's hard to get him to play. He's a wuss. He has hard feet - when he steps on you, you can feel every bit of his 15-16lbs digging into you.

Pros: He's a snuggly, kissy little cat. Still kittenish. Lets me trim his nails with out complaint, likes being brushed. Comes when called. Likes to be included, or he will do his best to include himself in what you're doing. Talks to me. Fetches. Always uses the litter box.

Cons: He's a little piggy - always tries to steal Sho's food. Will steal your food too. He always manages to fart, right in your face or strategically in front of a fan. ...occasionally has wet farts... on my shirt. Tries to stick his head into cups, thus spilling them. Likes to chew headphone cords. Will climb into anything - ok so there's comedy potential there. Growls and hisses at the vet and vet techs, will attempt to bite if one of them smells like dog. Acts almost semi feral when strangers come over.

Cons for both of them - That white fur gets on everything and they won't let you leave the house without making sure you're wearing some.

Pros: He's a silly, portly cat. Comes when called. Likes to buddy around with you in the yard, in case you need cat assistance. He'll talk to you and nod his head/make goofy faces. Playful. Will jump in your lap, on your leg (if squatting)... on your back and doesn't usually use his claws.

Cons: Unpredictable aggressive behavior towards people. Doesn't know how to temper play/ easily over stimulated. Already has one bite on record. Though neutered - is still aggressive to other cats. Sprays. Has to be an outdoor cat. When you play with him - hands must be at least 3-4 feet away. Tries to eat bare toes.

(picked on - meaning I can put that silly purple hat on Sho and he'll just sit there)
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Pros - Sweet, innocent, loving, wacky
Cons - So skittish, the Pros only come out every once in a while

Pros - Energetic, fun, funny, curious, intelligent, people-centered
Cons - Bossy, gets into things, has a temper, likes to explore where she shouldn't

Pros - Sweet, gentle, docile, loving, soft, snuggly, thinks I'm a God *giggle*
Cons - Can be pushy when she wants something; Afraid of everyone but me, everyone else only sees a standoffish, expressionless kitty
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Pros: extremely loving towards humans; loves to be held for long periods of time; never aloof; easy-going; mellow; loves to rest on my shoulders; allows me to put costumes on him.
Cons: Can't poop; mean to his sister, Holly; eats the plants; eats out of the trash can; jealous of Holly; sometimes pees on the carpet when mad at me.

Pros: Very sweet natured; loves to sleep with me at night; not picky at all; licks your hand when feeling comfortable; quiet; uses the litter pan correctly all the time.
Cons: high strung/hypervigilant/skittish; will scratch when attempting to put her in carrier; she plays all night and won't let me sleep; won't let me pick her up most of the time.
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Pros - he's the most loving little bundle of fur imaginable. He just oozes love and affection and would enjoy being cuddled 24/7 if he could.
-Playful even though he's a senior kitty
-Might be a funny thing to have as a pro, but I love the way he deals with Mosi. I was worried his timid nature would have him running scared when Mosi arrived but he asserted himself and will not let Mosi get the better of him

Cons - he's very timid and hides when I have visitors. Also makes it difficult to take him to the vet as he gets stressed

Pros - lively, playful, sweet natured, loving
Cons - too lively during the night! eats things he shouldn't.
A lot of his behaviour is either a pro or a con depending on what mood I'm in. He's very naughty but I like that purrsonality really! It feels like having a naughty toddler around at times.
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Pros: Makes you feel really special when he purrs for you or rubs round your legs. Has a gorgeous floofy belly. He tries to groom Jupey.
Cons: White hair gets everywhere. He's kinda heavy. Scratches things he shouldn't. Isn't all that cuddly.

Pros: He's so cute and loving. He sleeps on the bed with us. He makes lots of funny noises. He's a lap kitty. No white hairs (except the tuft on his belly)!
Cons: He's a dustbin and tries to eat Poppy's dinner. He has a dodgy stomach and farts a lot... He pounces on me so I've got a lot of scratches. He bugs Fable.
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Here are Trouts:

Pros - super cuddly and sweet, purrs alot which leads me to beleive that she loves me, she plays fetch which is so cool, never has accidents in the house, very tidy kitty, not destructive.

Cons - she bites and scratches alot...even when purring, and she hisses at me. Likes to wake me up before its time to get up, eats plastic bags, shy around strangers...

I think thats about it
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Pros--Lovebug to the extreme! He has a lot of the better characteristics of a small dog, but you don't have to walk him and he doesn't bark He's very friendly and seems to just roll with the punches. Never bites and forgives quickly.
Cons--Sneezy (sometimes snotty), major litter digger, gets wet litter stuck on his butt and turns into a hairy octopus if you try to trim his nails. Chronic bad breath (yes he gets regular dental care). Door darter.

Pros--very loving, complete lap cat, neat litterbox habits, not a door darter.
Cons--can be bitey with minimal warning, all love is on her terms (which are not immediately recognizible to her humans), eats too fast and pukes --oh yeah and she thinks rubber bands are yummy.
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I love both of my boys but I can't pretend that they're perfect!

Very entertaining
Rabbit-soft fur
Understands a good number of English phrases
Excellent litterbox habits
Obsession with digging, clawing, and biting at my feet and climbing up my trouserlegs
Gets overexcited with guests and bites/rabbit kicks them
Breaks things. Frequently. He's like a bull in a china shop
Steals things and buries them in his food and litterbox

Very affectionate
Has developed a habit of trying to run at 30mph between your feet when you're walking
Bullies Radar mercilessly
Steals food
Messy litterbox habits, sometimes misses, throws poo and litter all over the place
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I sat and read these... first off couldn't think of any con's either... then thought... well... when we got Yuki she turned the corner of one of our Love Seats into Shreds...

Horatio never did that... he used the carpet post. But when I got her I didnt offer MORE scratching posts and show them to her, so infact her behavior was 'my' fault or 'con' not hers, she just needed to shed her nails and trim them and only used that one spot, didnt do it all over the house... she continues to use that spot now and then... even tho we have plenty of scratching pads and posts... lol. It's a reminder of how I should have had plenty of scratching posts to start with.

My kitties? Me wearing fur at all times, Max licking my toes in the middle of the night , nails in the thigh as they get comfy, fun silly chasing antics in the middle of the night tearing across the bed knocking things down... No Cons. .... I love every minute of it.
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Stunningly beautiful
Incredibly silky fur
Playful and fun
Clever and full of antics
Always at the door when I come home
Makes me laugh every single day
Trusts me completely
Cuddles on the sofa with me when I'm watching TV
Used to the camera and poses readily

Keeps me up at night if she hasn't had enough play
Has moments of being play aggressive (mostly if she hasn't had enough to do)
Scratches the curtains in my bedroom at 6am to wake me up (this is new, what I do is put her outside the bedroom and close the door and continue sleeping. Now she has learnt that and runs outside as soon as I sit up. I still have no idea why she continues doing it.)
Can be very vocal and walk around meowing at everything and nothing if she's slightly unhappy about anything.

I love her to bits and her pros more than outweigh her cons which tend to disappear if I do my job properly and keep her entertained enough.
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Pros: very affectionate, adjusted well since the day we adopted her.
Cons: picky little bugger-only likes chicken flavors, often likes to be picked up and placed in front of her food (my husband thinks it's cute), needs her eyes cleaned 2x/day. BUT it's nothing we can't deal with
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pros- He's a little love bug! He's always wanting to give kisses or snuggle with us and is sooo affectionate! It makes me melt He also gets along extremly well with other animals- which is a big plus since I'm constantly fostering and we also have quite a few of our own! He's also great with kids!

cons- he's a snot baby! Always sneezing and getting snot on EVERYTHING! It's ok though i still love him! He also has a slight catnip addiction

pros- she's such a beautiful little girl, she's got very soft fur that i love to pet, she "talks" to us making the most adorable little chirping noise when she wants something,she loves to snuggle with her buddy Jasmine

cons- she's very skiddish, she hates having her nails trimmed

Jasmine- ohhh she's just the best little kitty- she is our "lap cat" out of the bunch- always keeping us company and she always lets us know she's excited to see us. She's also very protective of Colin and I - she wants to be right where we are and if we go in a different room than her or take a shower she will go right up to the door and wait and meow at us like she's asking "are you ok?," She also likes to play "mommy" to my healthy foster kittens and is sooo sweet with them trying to groom them like they're her own!

cons- she was morbidly overweight when I adopted her, and she has lost quite a bit of weight now that i have her on a healthy diet and make sure she gets exercise, BUT as a result of her growing up overweight- she isn't able to clean herself as well as most kitties and never keeps her bum clean. We're constantly chasing her around with a baby wipe to clean poo off her! (she doesn't realize now that she's lost weight she can clean back there!)

Velvet- she's the "monarch" of the bunch, she's the oldest and the wisest and she's great at keeping the other animals in line Velvet is my little shadow- she follows me around everywhere and i swear she's as smart as a whip! She knows her name, walks on a leash/harness better than any dog i know, you name it! She is very bonded to me and knows when i'm having a bad day and just need a snuggle. She also adores Colin to pieces and sits right on his desk when he's in his office just staring at him in awe- (it's cute!), I also like that she loves to be held and carried around everywhere. She's like my little baby

cons: she thinks she owns EVERYONE and she's very sassy about it too-always demanding treats
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All of these are so interesting and funny!
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Ok, I'll try this.

Is absolutely hilarious and makes me laugh constantly
Adorable and beautiful
The softest, silkiest creature I've ever felt
Sleeps on me
Very vocal and talks to me all the time
Get along really well with the dogs

Wakes me up at 4 AM by meowing in my face loudly to tell me she's hungry

Absolutely gorgeous
SO sweet and cuddles when I'm lying down reading
Kneads me a lot
Makes me smile and laugh
Gets along well with the dogs
Has a long, luxurious tail for Polly to pounce on

Is constantly trying to force my door open while I'm away or asleep so she can break into her treats and kitty food
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My cats are little angels and have no Cons.

That was pretty funny.

My guys are really affectionate, sweet, outgoing, and I love them to bits. They have their flaws, but don't we all?
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Riley's Pros - sweet, loving, learns quickly, knows his name, sometimes comes when called , sometimes listens when told no , doesn't chew things, doesn't climb on counters or shelves, uses his box, very quiet, doesn't try to run out the door, doesn't mind having a bath

Cons - tracks litter everywhere! won't let me brush him or clip his claws without a major struggle with bloodshed (mine! )
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con: she vomits once or twice a week, she sheds on the black bench in the foyer- duh why did I cover a bench in black damask?

Pro: she is sweet and soft and mostly obedient, she has a very soft voice, loves me unconditionally, has ESP, is very playful, jumps well, has never broken anything, loves to sleep on top of me, hunts down spiders and flies, She never wakes me up but rather waits quietly me and just sits and stares. Has a great motor purr. and is all around a delightful little lady of a cat
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