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Is Hopey in Heat?

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I think Hopey is in heat but I am not sure. My only practical experience with heat was the feral cats outside my window growing up. They were a lot louder.

Hahaha! Hopey hearing herself ran around the room looking for the other cat!

She meows very loudly at night. She is quite vocal anyway, but these are quite desprate sounding meows. Very plaintive. She also rolls on her back will her belly up. She often presents her back end to us, however, she doesn't knead her back paws.

I have read a lot about the feline cycle but don't have the practical exprience yet!

What do you all think?

I have some videos but Photobucket is taking ages to upload them. Ok having some problems with this, I'll try youtube.
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Is she showing any signs of treading with her feet when you touch her tail/hips. Most will also put the tail on the side and really tighten up the back end in a crouch. My females also used a low weird sounding cry when in heat - unlike that normal meows (my rexes).

She might be in early heat - not full heat. Are you waiting to breed her? Is there a male lined up for her?
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Thanks GK.

She is not one yet, so she won't be bred yet. There is a mate lined up for her, my mentor picked recommended him.

The meow is very different to her usual one, very persistent. She not doing the treading thing yet.
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With Siamese you don't want to wait too long for first breedings. I would not put off breeding after the 2nd-3rd time she calls. If this is her first time calling, then ok. When will you breed her (age? or cycle?)

Charlie's mom was an early caller and they could not wait till she was older - she kept going in/out of heat. So she was bred before a year old. I think the breeder said she started at about 5-6 months old and they wound up breeding at about 8-9 months - she's fine - produces healthy litters and good mom and has lots of Grand Champions too

PS - if you really want to know if she's in heat do this trick

Grab her lightly on the back of the neck skin (about at the shoulders or a bit higher) and pull back slightly - it will be the actions of a male cat grabbing her for breeding. And put your other hand on her hips (like the males legs) If she goes into the crouched end with tail on the side she IS in heat
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This is Hopey's first time calling and she is 11 months. If she keeps going into heat I will def breed her sooner. My mentor says to keep an eye on her and see.

Did you see the video? Please excuse the mess!

Tried your trick, she rolled onto her back and purred!
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She still could be in heat tho - very young cats don't really know what they are supposed to do at times. I hope the male is pretty experienced in dealing with first time moms.

I know breeders who had to help keep the female on her feet cause the male would be frustrated when she rolled over......

I watched the video - her talking doesn't sound like heat, but I agree to keep an eye on her and see if she continues her actions.
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Its funny you say that GK because she has just started meowing her heart out! I think she wants to prove you wrong!!!

Typical teen!

I had to film it as she was being really loud (to me!) please let me know GK what you think.
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NOOOOOOOOO typical mouthy Siamese
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So what do you guys think?

Is this heat?

I would really appreciate your thoughts/opinions.
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It does sound like it could - Charlie was looking a lot at the "cat" and paying attention (even if he's neutered). But she's not really "acting" like it in the crouched position.

Most of my rexes would talk like that but act more like their legs were squished up and they could not really stand and walk when in full heat. Lily when you talked to her would assume the position
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Thanks GK!

This type of meowing is out of charector for her but she hasn't been doing the movement of the backlegs. I'll just keep an eye on her.
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OMG did she mew up a storm this evening. You cannot believe that such a little thing makes such a big noise!

She is acting very "loose" rubbing against the floor/papers/anything while purring. When stroked she presents her "naughty bits" to us. When I gently hold her tail she squats down.

It one thing reading about this seeing it in reality is completely different.
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Well at least you know what you are looking for. She is in heat. Hope things work out for her first breeding soon
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Thanks GK. I will breed her in a month. Her heat is over for now 2-4weeks rest!
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