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Scholarship app question

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I'm applying for a scholarship and one of the questions asks why they should select me for the scholarship. I'm a little unsure how to answer this question. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Well, the purpose of such a question is obviously to help them decide which applicant will make the best use of their money.

Part of that will be to convince them that your goals are sympathetic to theirs. If the scholarship is related to the field you are studying in, you don't have to convince them of its worth, but they would want to know what goals or vision you have once you have completed your studies.

If it's not directly related to your field of study, there will be some other interest/bias that they want to support with their funds, and you will need to convince them that you are the applicant who best fits into that picture -- as well as pumping your own goals.

Sell yourself as the candidate who warms the cockles of their special interest and is going to go on to make a difference in her field of study. But do it humbly, or somebody on their committee will say "Who the heck does she think SHE is?" and give it to somebody else.

Good luck!
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I think it does depend a lot on who is giving the scholarship. Once you know that, you can adapt your answer to what they would most likely want to know.

But basically, you need to tell them two things.
- what your goals are, so they will know their money will be put to good use.
- what you have accomplished so far, to show them that you are capable of achieving your goals, and, if it's appropriate, that you have some background knowledge in your area of study.
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