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Urinary Acidifiers?

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I just ordered some Urinary Acidifier from Dr. Foster & Smith. Has anyone had any luck with this with their UTI prone cats? Mitties has yet another UTI and I was hoping this will help in the future to prevent these outbreaks. No crystals.
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I do not know about what you are asking but have you used apple cider vinegar?
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You should check out the Cats with FLUTD group on Yahoo Groups. I never used it, but there are members on there that have. They would be able to give you some advice.

Edited to add: I had pretty good luck with FLUTD diets when my cats had troubles. We used C/D dry and Nutro Max dry, and Pro Plan for Urinary Health Canned.
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Which one did you get? I was curious about that paste with the cranberry and DL-Methionine in it myself..
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DL-Methionine this ingrediant according to my vet is the most important in UTI health then mag , ca, and phos levels...
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I bought this one. It won't be here for a few days, but I'm hoping it will work. I hope it works because I cannot change her diet due to megacolon and severe constipation issues. We finally found something that works, so I dare not change it.
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