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Petmate water fountain ?

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Yesterday, I got the Petmate water fountain for my cat to encourage more drinking. Some questions about it: I didn't get the deluxe model, which has a control lever and on/off that necessary? Is it okay to leave the fountain on all the time or am I suppose to take it off when my husband and I are not home? Thanks
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We leave ours on all the time.

Be sure to change the filter every once in a while.

Mine seem to be afraid of it!
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It's fine to leave it on while you're out for the day. If you're going to be gone for more than two days, I wouldn't leave it running unless a petsitter will be coming by because if the water level gets too low, the motor can burn out.
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I leave mine on all the time.
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We had that fountain for a couple years I think. I left it on all the time, but if we were gone we had to have a petsitter refill it.
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Thanks everyone..I feel better about leaving it on all day now.
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Did you get yours from Walmart? That's the only place I've seen the standard model without the flow control. Oh, and that's something you'll never miss if you didn't know it wasn't there.
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I did get it from Walmart. I was picking up litter and saw them. It was only $30 and the filters were $3 for a 2 pack. So of course I had to go to see if I got the same one they sell..then I noticed it was a bit different. Then I started thinking..are they better?
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I have read some people use light timers.
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If you paid $30 at Walmart, they must have raised the price. The last time I looked (which was quite a while ago) they were $20.
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We just bought the deluxe 108 oz petmate water fountain, it was on sale for $40. We used to have the regular 50 oz bowl, but it was time to get a bigger one.

We love to put ice cubes in the bowl too, the cats love it! They love the ice cold water, they collect around the bowl waiting to get a drink
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I'm such a dork. I returned the one I bought and got the deluxe model with stainless steel. It was on sale at Petco for about the same price I paid for the first I figured I might as well get the one with the extra features. lol
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