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WOO-HOO!! I've Made A Difference for the better!

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I AM SO PLEASED!! In 2 weeks, several happy results for desperate kitties:
Kitten 1 [EMMA] 1 mo. old bottle-baby- Adopted to a wonderful meowmmy & joining 2 other cat family members who are thriving 11 & 12 year old cats; through this rescue, the orginal rescuer has met my disabled friend who is also able to assist in fostering ferals (they both consider the other to be an answer to a prayer, one prayed for more help, the other to be needed by someone, somewhere, somehow) and Emma's proud new meowmmy works in the office next to ours, so I will get to see Emma often;
Kitty 2 [DAX] - appeared on my porch a week ago, B4 the bad weather hit, emaciated & dehydrated - He's now in my bedroom, vaccinated, NEUTERED, dewormed & enjoying Iams KittenChow,AND he has come onto the bed to be petted during the nite for 2 nites in a row (he was hissing & scared of me at first - feral or just traumatized ;
Kitty 3 [CHRYSTAL]- mother 2 Emma, sucessfully trapped by the original rescuer & placed with me; she's tamed down so much, the rescuer is right - she's a lost pet, also sleeping in my room, loving attention and showing Dax that people parents are good to be around;
Kitty 4 [TobyIII] - a 3rd generation feral (with 4 siblings in a rabbit cage in my living room) meowed to me to feed him and lets me pet him lightly
Words cannot express how wonderful it felt during the fierce weather the past couple of days knowing that all these cats, plus my own and the 2 ferals in the upstairs bathroom were dry, warm, well-fed & safe inside. Except for the overwhelming litterbox duty, it's been wonderful so far. TommyScott, my former feral; Cinder Cone, the rest-area fugitive and Andrea the Kitten-Who-Wouldn't-Be-Roadkill are incredibly receptive and accepting of the newcomers. (And my husband isn't divorcing me yet )
But JC & Joey are still at my mom's; I've been so busy that I cannot keep an eye on them to wander in the yard at large and they get extremely stressed when they can't go outside at my house and there's a big predator, prob. cougar, in the yard at night, so till I can build a good cat run, I'll play it safe and leave them at "grandma's" with my disabled daughter & her cat Christy.
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That's great! Keep up the good work! I know those kitties are happy they found you.
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Bless you for saving all these wonderful babies!! There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you have played a part in making their lives not only better, but in some cases, possible.
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That's so wonderful! You must feel so good for doing that.

Keep up the AWESOME work!!!!
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For all that, you get a standing O!

Oh, what the heck, a DANCING O!

But seriously -- what a wonderful friend to animals you are. Thank you so much, and thank your husband, too, for understanding.
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Congrats on the progress! You are so awesome to have taken in those kitties that others would have just left alone. After getting them socialized, what do you plan for them? I hope you're able to find good homes for them all if you don't plan on keeping them! You rock!
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