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On-Line Grocery Shopping

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Here in Southern Florida our main grocery store is called Publix. We have noticed billboards around town for Piblix-Direct online grocery shopping and decided to give it a try.
It is the BEST thing ever! Today a refrigerator truck pulled up in front of the house. A man rang to doorbell. He put on his little shoe protectors to come onto my carpet (no that that matters with all the hairball stains). He brought in all my groceries, put them on the counter and even had me check to see if the eggs were in tact!
No more carrying a half dozen 12 pack of soda, no more walking around the grocery store for an hour! And during the week when I thought of something to buy I just clicked on the link and added it to my running list. It also saves your list so the next time you shop you can just open the last list and get your usual products.
The first month the service is free and after that it costs $7-8 dollars(can't remember which). It is totally worth it though. They even delivered the fresh cut flowers that I ordered to my door.

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That sounds perfect! It would be especially perfect for people with mobility problems!

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I have been using Grocery Gateway for the last year. I think in Toronto they have been around for 3-4 years.

It is very convenient and really helps out people who are disabled, the elderly, or do not have a car and are quite a distance from a store.

This specific company has been growing by leaps and bounds ( I should have bought stock!). They are continually expanding their product lines and now offer products from the hardware store, LCBO (liquor), drugstore products, etc.

Actually, I just used them last night because the weather has been so cold They are great for heavy, bulk stuff but I'm not impressed by their fruits and vegetables. Also, they are more costly than other grocery stores. I estimate I spend $15-20 more to use them, so I only use them occasionally.

They are also great for their refund policy. If you are ever disatisfied with anything they will promptly refund your money. Also, they have been sending me coupons on a regular basis that waive the delivery fee or offer some other special. That's when I usually use them.

But it sure beats wading through snow banks and long line ups!
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Those online grocery services sound awesome! I don't need to use one though, because I only live 3 blocks from Dominicks. It is very tempting though, since its freezing outside these past few days.

For those of you who do use this service, do they get your order accurate? Is the food ever bad?
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The order I got was accurate and it contained veggies and frozen foods. The order comes directly from their warehouse not the grocery store and it is put onto a refrigerated truck so it seems pretty safe. I ordered frozen popcicles and they were still frozen solid when they arrived.
Oh, and you can use regular coupons too, they take them when they drop off your order and apply them to your account so they get deducted next time you order.

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Out of 12 orders, 3 orders had an out of stock item. When this happens, they will give a similar item but of a larger quantity free(ie: you order 1L of milk and they are out of stock, they will give you a 2L milk for *free*!). Another thing is the shortening off the order time. When I started with them you had to order 3 days in advance. Now I can order and get it the next day.

Their customer service policy has to be high end since people will easily go back to getting their own groceries and they would be out of business.

Also, Grocery Gateway guarantees 'freshness' or your money back. I only had to get refunded once when I received strawberries that were not fresh.

Still, I use them mainly for bulk, packaged items, juice, cat litter, paper products, can goods, etc. I pick up my veggies and fruit at a local market.

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