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**Uber cuteness warning**

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Yesterday DH and I went shopping in Winston-Salem NC...Ive been wanting another Shih-tzu puppy for a long time now and he keeps saying no not now...wait til I get the promotion and things like that. Well Yesterday I asked him if I could call the breeder and see if she was going to have any shih-tzus anytime soon.**she is a really good family friend and has been breeding for 25 years** She said well I have 3 they are 9wks oldWhy dont you come by and see them when you get back in town? I was like ok we will be there around 8:30-9pm she said that was fine. DH was a little upset with me but he loves puppies so he agreed. We got to her house at about 8:55pm she brought two of them upstairs the 3rd one is sold. She told us she would make us an awesome deal she normally sells them for 5-6 hundred a piece. We got ours for an awesome price about 2-3 hundred less then normal pricing. He is a boy and is the brother to our Max DH was like well...that is a great deal..and I was like "oh pleaseoh please, oh please" He said "yes"so this is me Anyways here are the pictures...he weighs about 2.5lbs..Still no name...Im thinking and watching him to see if anything comes to mind

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the cuteness has knocked me out!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! he is too adorable, keep us updated on when you bring him home!
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OMG he is gorgeous, you must be so excited
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He is already home We brought him home last night...Things are going so well right now...pottying outside is a little tough because he is so tiny you cant tell when he is going I took all those pictures this morning when he was still sleepy
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AWE! *total* cuteness
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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I just wanna steal him! He is sooooo adorable! I'm a sucker for a shihtzu puppy though! You have an adorable puppy there! Good luck with the names!
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How about Herculas or Zeus?
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Awww, he is very very very cute

Hmmm, how about Dimitri?
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OHHHH my word!!! Soo adorable!!!!!
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He's absolutely adorable!!!!!! You are so lucky!!!
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Oh crikey! How precious is he!

Look at him all tucked up in his blankie, awwwwwwwww
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A friend of mine has one and his name is General Lee, General for short.

That pic with him sleeping.. Oh, SO CUTE!!!!
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Awwww, so sweet! Congrats!
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He is precious!!!
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