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How can I block acess?

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Please take a look at this pic:

What is not clear is that the other side of the railing is a very long drop. When we gave the new kittens a brief tour of the house, both of them stuck their heads through there and we had a moment of sheer terror when we thought they might slip or something.

Any ideas on what we can purchase to temporarily block access to the railing?

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I would start with aluminum foil in the short run, the heavy duty wide stuff.

I don't have this in my house but maybe people who do can help you. It is a really good idea that you are doing something because I know at least 3 (really clueless) people whose cats have taken a dive by accident from exactly the landing you have and their kitties were seriously injured.
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I've never had a kitten/cat fall by accident between the railings - they just stuck their heads thru and either jumped to the first few top steps and down, or just went around the corner and down the steps.

If you feel you need to have something there temporary (don't let them get used to it) - put some netting material around the bottom/top of the railings so they don't fall thru.

What age kittens do you have?
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They are 8 weeks.

The problem with the first step is that it is about 15 feet below the railing from this angle.
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I would get some visquine from the closest Lowes or Home depot. They can still sort of see through it but they won't be able to fall through it! Good Luck!
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Use something like this: http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/...oductId=131755 We used something similar when w lived in a house with the same problem. It is clear so it does not look bad.
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OHHH cool I love the clear one
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Great idea! We purcashsed the one step ahead clear thing and are expecting delivery today. I will update after installed.

Each morning, I open the door to the kitten's bedroom, and all I see is two blurry balls of fur fly out of the room. The funny thing is that they both get about 6-8 feet away and then realize they like it better where they came from, and are very easy to put back.

Once we have the railing stuff installed, and they are safe from falling through, we plan to let them explore in much greater detail.
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If anyone needs only 5' of that plastic, I found the small rolls cheapest at CSN Baby.
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