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New Cat with Diarrhea; Blood in Stool

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I am concerned about my cat that I adopted about 2 weeks ago. He was adopted from a rescue that a friend of mine runs here in town. He has been neutered, dewormed, up-to-date on his shots. She was feeding him Pro Plan, but since I have had him, I have been feeding him Purina Naturals, both wet and dry. He's had runny stool, and last night when I cleaned his litter box and this morning (after finding it on my couch), I noticed a little blood. I am thinking that I should change his food. He plays and acts normally (I have played with him many times when I visited my friend when she had him during his kitten stage), so I have no concern there. I have asked my friend about his health, and she said that when she had him, he had a great appetite and was having no problems with him.
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diarreah is a food switch issue .. the blood could be but PLEASE go to the vet ASAP ( tomarrow is fine unless more blood show s up )... what color is the blood??? the foods are close in ingrediants
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The blood that I saw in the litter box was in stool that had been there for a few hours. The stool that I saw on my couch was fresh, and it was red color--about the same red color if you were to prick your finger and let it run, so a bright red color.
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it could be straining blood ... but time to get a vet check
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Thanks sharky. He will be going to the vet tomorrow.
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Well, he just pooped again. I didn't see any blood, and his stool is looking more firm than what I cleaned up this morning. He's still going to the vet tomorrow though.
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Sometimes just switching food will give them the runs as they adjust to a new food. Sometimes the food doesn't agree with them and you need to switch it, and other times it is just the stress of a new home and new food.

Keeping an eye on your kitty to see if his stool improves is a good idea.
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I almost forgot, the vet visit is indeed good advice too.

It is always a good idea to take your newly adopted kitty to the vet within 3 weeks just to make sure everything is fine. No matter where you got your kitty from, there is always a small amount of risk that they may have picked something up just from being with a lot of other cats, or from being outside, whatever the circumstance.
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