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Vibes and/or Prayers needed, please! (long)

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Hi Everyone,

I am just completing training to be placed as an Associate Insurance Agent in a major company and will graduate the training on October 8. As background, I was "downsized", otherwise known as "let go" from an insurance company after 20 years of service with no warning. After a couple of years of rage over this, I let it go and am now happy about the opportunity to do something else and look at it as a blessing. Anyway, I went on an interview Friday and I really want this position which is a combination office manager/agent in a sattelite office to be opened pretty close to my home. I am trying not to get my hopes up too much even though I felt the interview went pretty well. I am trying to use my life philosophy which is to let go and let God. I feel things that are meant to happen, will. I would appreciate any vibes from you and prayers from the others that are comfortable with that to hopefully get the position, or if it is not meant to be, to be ok with not getting what I think I want. Thanks guys.
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Sending good luck vibes.
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Positive thoughts.
We've had a couple of rough times in our lives. It made life very hard for awhile, then the next opportunity came along. Though it took awhile to recover financially, the new opportunity always ended up being much better for us. Always.
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Sending lots of prayers that you get the position, Helene. They'd be lucky to have you.
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Lots of kitty that you get the job that's right for you!
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Thank you all so much for the support.
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many many get the job vibes for you Helene!! it sounds like a great opportunity!
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Sending mega prayers and vibes that you get the position! What an ideal situation. Kudos on getting more training and mustering forward despite being a victim of getting downsized
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